Over 4,000 miles (and we’re not home yet)

One more time, we’ve been road tripping. Only ten more hours of driving to go, and we’ll be back in Denver. And yes, both dog and cat are in the back seat!

From mountain biking , to St. Augustine to move BALANCE (that yes, is still for sale – http://www.balanceboat.wordpress.com), up the coast and back to CO – here are a few pics from the last couple of weeks.

I try – mountain biking is just about the most physically challenging thing I’ve ever done. Its good for me – I can feel myself getting stronger, and each time I think “Great, I’ll have done this whole ride without falling”, I inevitably fall in some odd spot that makes Tobin say, “You have a knack for falling where nobody else could”. Thanks, Darlin’.

bike 9


New roof tent set up we’re trying – camped nearly across the street from Graceland – hadn’t been there since a cross country trip with my girlfriend when I was 18. (That was a few years ago now!)


Elvis Presley

BALANCE in her new spot in St. Augustine. Luckily, she wasn’t looking different than when I saw her last…. she’s ready for new owners!

Balance:St. Augustine

A day out on the Piankatank river on a friend’s motor boat – once we got far enough west, it felt more like a swamp – had to keep a look out for shallow water and trees right under the surface.

Piankatank River

Bow of Frankie's boat

Bald Eagle in the tree – looks small from here, but he’s really there….

Bald Eagle:VA

Beautiful sunset at the end of the day on the water

Sunset 1:VA

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