Writing from the Air

I’ve said it before, I love my travel days. Time en route, in the airport, in the plane. There is innevitably a delay, a crowd or even a flight cancellation once in a while, but all in all, its a time I enjoy. While traveling its imperative that we concerve our energy. I was thinking today at the Dallas airport on my way back from Newark that its a little bit like needing to wear a bubble around yourself in order to simply observe the circumstances at the airport and on the plane, and not have your energy totally drained by the number or people, visual stimulus or noise. That’s the only way to go, is to wear a bubble around you! Then, traveling becomes interesting, not a life force drainer!

That said, I’m on my second flight of the day on my way back from teaching at Easton Yoga in Easton, PA.  I’ve been putting off writing a new blog for a while, in part because I don’t like to write unless I really feel compelled to write. I also don’t like to write if I don’t feel I have anything in particular to write about. I’m sure nobody wants to hear about what I’ve been eating for breakfast, how the animals are doing, etc. I feel I do have a writing topic this month, but realize that I’ve been putting it off lately because of what people might think. Yes, the old “what will people assume” fear has crept in to my head, and I’m self conscious to put myself out there lately.

Change has crept in again, and Tobin and I have decided to close our yoga studio in Minturn, CO. The last few months have proven to us both that we enjoy our little town, I love teaching more regularly again, but now is not the time for us. I have more travel opportunity right now, and really can’t be traveling to teach as much as I want to AND be at the studio as much as it needs. I can’t be in two places at once unfortunately. Signs right now point in the direction of traveling more, and having a neighborhood studio again some day…. When? Not sure.

Along with traveling to other studios to teach, I’m excited that I’ll be going back to Los Angeles to teach for one week each month at Exhale, Venice. My old yoga home. This time in my life has felt a bit full circle. We moved from L.A nearly 6 years ago (!), came to Colorado, moved on to a boat for three years, moved back to Colorado, and now I’ll be back at Exhale more than ever. You just never know what will be around the corner, what each day calls for, or where you’ll end up in 6 years! And, for us now, we need to keep moving in the direction of where the  energy is. So, that means more change.

One of the things I admire most about Tobin is that he puts all of himself in to something, a place, a decision, a project. But, he also has a great ability to stay adaptable and change. If something isn’t working, he looks forward and is able to move on. I’m a bit slower to realize sometimes that change needs to occur. I tend instead to beat a dead horse. But little by little, I’m becoming more adaptable.

If there is a moral to this blog, its this: Stay loose, ever changing, and don’t make too many assumptions about your own decisions or other’s! I hope to see some of you very soon either here, there, or some place new.

For my travel teaching schedule, please visit www.firstrayyoga.com – “Jamie’s travel teaching schedule”. Also, when I’m in L.A, the classes and workshops that I’ll be teaching will be posted on the front page of my website. I’ll be teaching at Exhale the 8 – 14th of each month! If you’re intersted in a private session while I’m there, please e-mail me at jamie@firstrayyoga.com

Be well and safe travels.



4 thoughts on “Writing from the Air

  1. Gail Gordon

    Hi Jamie Love your blog. I’m traveling too right now so the reminder is much appreciated. I’m so happy you will be at Exhale and I am sure you are hearing that from many people. See you soon. Love, Gail

    Sent from my iPad

  2. mary donovan

    Jamie, You are so awesome! Thank you for the inspiring e-mail, the sharing of your journey and the courageous willingness to flow with all the mighty changes with such heart and dedication. I know it can’t be easy and does require your vigilant willingness to deepen. Full circle, of course. EXHALE sounds great. You will be such a luminous addition, I am sure.

    Changes at my end at well. I have been living up in the forest for two years, teaching down in Fairfax and navigating the terrain of entering the “senior” phase of life. Never has the practice of yoga and the gift of teaching seemed more imperative for so many seeking to find acceptance with the humbling path of aging.

    Thank god for all of our wise circle of heartfelt teachers and the ever-steady gift of unfolding. Once again, your vulnerability and commitment gives me courage to keep discerning my own way forward.

    Hope to see you in LA and give you a warm hug, all good… Love, mary donovan

  3. Andree

    Thanks for the visual of the bubble, I will try that in my travels this week too. Can’t you see me in it now? It will be this beautiful bubbly sphere, with a little fashionable tuck to keep my front ribs drawing in. Jamie, it was great to have you back in Easton, and I appreciate your teaching and all your encouragement. Good luck in your new direction, and enjoy your travels.


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