Variety is the Spice, when it comes to movement and exercise

BLOG – Variety is the Spice, when it comes to movement and exercise

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I was reminded today, as I was hiking with B Dog, that we need it all when it comes to types of movement and exercise. I’ve spent too much time at my computer the last few days and decided it was time to step away – even if the “to do” list wasn’t done. Time to step out, get some fresh air and be in the mountains. Some claim that there is one thing that “does it all”, but it isn’t true. Our body’s not only need different types of movement, but ideally a variety of environments, too.

Most of you that know me know I absolutely love and believe in the practice of yoga. But  it doesn’t do it all – physically speaking. I need hiking, biking, skiing, dancing and swimming, too! We all need this variety for our bodies, brains and heart. We need to be in different environments, atmospheres, climates once in a while.

So, next week, we’re spending a few days at the Fruita Mountain Bike Festival. Although I’ve been skiing this year, its not the same as mountain biking. Its going to kick my butt I think. But its good for me to be challenged. I know this.

So if you can today, take even just a few minutes to move differently. Dance in your kitchen, run up the street, take child’s pose and breathe. We need it all. Try something new.


B Dog pretty much sticks only to running, with an occasional down dog and up dog
BDog mid stride

Apollo pretty much sticks with his main activity of sleeping, except when its time to walk to get food

Upcoming events:

*I’m looking forward to teaching at one of my favorite studios, Rasa Yoga Center in Ashland, OR May 10th, 11th and 12th – TWO workshops and T.T segments, “The Art of Vinyasa Flow Sequencing” and “HEAL you body through flow yoga”. Please see the their site for details and
*Our studio’s class schedule in Minturn, CO is at

2 thoughts on “Variety is the Spice, when it comes to movement and exercise

  1. Eric Pomert

    So good to be reminded of the need for variety and openness to it. I still practice working from a place of ease and abundant breath that got cultivated taking your classes at Exhale. Thank you.


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