The Benefits of Pushing a Wall

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The Benefits of Pushing a Wall, Workshops at First Ray Yoga, One Spot left in Mexico AND Up Coming Travel:


I’m thrilled to say that in these initial few weeks of the First Ray Yoga studio being open, we’ve had quite a few first timers to yoga. Working with beginners, those brand new to yoga, is nothing less than an awesome experience. To see someone breathing, opening and changing right before your eyes is unique.

The first month of the studio being open coincided with a teaching trip to Los Angeles a couple of weeks ago. One of the courses I taught there was my How to Teach Beginners training. This course is a favorite of mine. Its a time to get real and remember that the simple things are truly the most important. So, for this blog, I’m highlighting a pose that I’ve been teaching a lot in the past few weeks – PUSH WALL.

Push Wall does so much for us, in one (seemingly) simple pose. Here’s what to do, how to do it, and why:

– Breathe deep, even, steady breaths.

– Walk to a wall and place your hands on the wall at about the height of your shoulders. Place your hands a little wider than shoulder distance.

– Turn hands out slightly – spread fingers and gently press palms in to the wall.

– Walk feet away from wall about a leg’s length.

– Bend your knees, and reach your hips, tailbone, sits bones in to the center of the room.

– Try to sense that your legs are directly under your pelvis, and work towards having your spine long, from your tailbone to the crown of your head.

– Feet are straight – center of each foot facing the wall.

– Your thighs being parallel will help to open your lower back.

– Knees slightly bent will help you hinge/tilt your pelvis forward – when you can tilt your pelvis forward, your hamstrings will lengthen and your lower back will also stabilize – strengthening your spine.

– Sense that your lower back and the back of your pelvis is long, not rounding.

– Hollow, pull in your lower abs and lower ribs AS you tilt your pelvis forward.

– Sense length in both sides of your waste.

– Spread your shoulder blades APART across your upper back, and wrap your outer arms in towards your face.

– Be able to see your upper arms out of the corners of your eyes.

– Don’t try to press your chest and/or head down towards the floor.

– Make space from your ears to the tops of your shoulders.

– Breathe deep, even, steady breaths in to your side ribs.

This pose strengthens and stretches the upper back, shoulders and arms, strengthens and stretches the entire spine, and stretches the hamstrings, calves and achilles.

Try for about 10 steady breaths, then repeat. In these instructions I gave, I’ve said to have the knees bent…..although, over time, you may straighten your legs/knees, but it isn’t necessary or even “the goal”. “The goal” is to have your spine long, even if it means knees are bent.


WORKSHOPS AT FIRST RAY YOGA (103 Williams St. Minturn, CO 81645)

This coming weekend, February 16th and 17th, TWO workshops:

– Saturday, February 16th: 2 – 4 pm. Introduction to Pilates mat – $15.00

– Sunday, February 17th: 2 – 4 pm. Introduction to Yoga – $15.00

– For First Ray Yoga’s weekly class schedule, click HERE


Our third annual Retreat in Mexico is right around the corner. We just opened up one more spot on  this trip. The dates are March 3rd – 9th at the Villa Ananda retreat center. For all the details and to register, please visit Rasa Yoga Center’s website.


– Mexico retreat March 3 – 9th –

– March 28 – 29: How to Teach Beginners course within Annie Carpenter’s Teacher Training, Exhale, Venice.

– May 10 – 12: Applied Anatomy for Vinyasa Flow Sequencing within Rasa Yoga Center’s Teacher Training. – Medford/Ashland, OR

For a listing of my travel schedule, please click HERE – a handful of new dates are in the works and will be added. Please check back for more teaching near you.

*Thanks for reading and passing along this blog and information if you feel so inclined. And remember, if you’re in the CO area, please stop by First Ray Yoga for a class or workshop up here near Vail. If you’re interested in practicing with me at home, we have downloadable classes/video on our site – click HERE.



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