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Its early Friday morning. The sun isn’t up yet here in the mountains, and surprisingly, I got myself out of bed earlier than I actually needed to get myself to the studio and on my mat. Not a usual thing.

This is my first blog since opening First Ray Yoga on January 2nd. We’re officially on our third day. I’m sitting in the studio next to the fire. I think its negative something outside, but its toasty in here and it will be a sunny Colorado day.

We’ve already learned quite a bit about what the area needs in terms of yoga. I’m also constantly reminded of how many stereotypes people have about yoga. I hope in this studio and in my life I shatter some of them.

Along with these initial findings, I’ve also heard comments that remind me of the simple, day in, day out benefits of yoga. And thats what really makes me so happy. Its simple – we take the time to breathe, do some simple movements, and then we feel better and the world is an easier place to live in. Its simple but huge! In two days I’ve heard one new friend who has rhumatoid arthritis say that she felt much better than usual the next morning after yoga class the night before. Another woman said she’s had insomnia for months and slept through the night for the first time the night after her class. One man said he felt more relaxed than he had in years. And, on the flip side, I’ve heard from people around town that they’re not flexible enough to do yoga, or they don’t think its for them because of various reasons, such as, they don’t want to become vegan or vegetarian, they smoke cigaretts or still want to drink beer. These reasons for not trying yoga make me frustrated. Frustrated beacuse I hate the idea that someone thinks they need to change or be anything other than themselves to come to a yoga class. You don’t need to be any particular way to practice. And, I definitely don’t want people to feel as if they can’t be themselves. The funny thing is is that this practice works on us. With time and consistency, most poeple do drop behavoirs or habits that aren’t serving them, but its often times a natural process of things that fall away when they don’t serve us any longer. Without us even trying.

My desire with this studio – one of many, really – is to provide a place where people can breathe, move, feel better in their body/brain and get a sense that they are already great as they are. And still, after class if they want, go to the Saloon to have a burger and a beer! (As long as they invite me once in a while….please)

So, here we are on day three in Minturn, CO in the Vail Valley. I would not have expected this right now, but we’re doing it and I’m thrilled to be here. Hoping to practice yoga with the people – real people. Come as you are.


I’ll be teaching in Los Angeles the last week in January at Exhale, Center for Sacred Movement in Venice. I’ll be teaching open, public classes and my How to Teach Beginners Course on Saturday and Sunday, January 26th and 27th. I’ll also be seeing students for private instruction. If interested in a private, please e-mail me at For information on the How to Teach Beginners Course, please visit the Exhale website (, workshops page) for the full description of the course and to register. Please pre register for this weekend. I hope to see you soon in Los Angeles or elsewhere. And, if you’re in the CO area, stop by First Ray Yoga in Minturn.


On our First Ray Yoga site we have downloadable classes for sale – audio and video. And, if you prefer a hard copy, I can mail you one or feel free to stop in at the studio and pick up a Beginners DVD or Intermediate audio practice. We’re at 103 Williams St. In Minturn.


One thought on “Confidential Testimonials

  1. Bill

    Minturn, the community, the state, the mountains are lucky to have you there… May firstray
    radiate, grow, and thrive.


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