NOW is the time to BREATHE

Every season is a good time to remember our breath – especially during the holidays and as we prepare to enter a new year.

This weekend I’ve been home, visiting my family for the first time in over three years. I had a great conversation with my dad about yoga, and was reminded today of the benefits of breathing. The thing about breathing, simply noticing our breath and breathing a little deeper, is the fact that we can do it any place, at any time, and its more beneficial than we realize. If we are alive, we can breathe. Breathing is truly the heart of our yoga practice.

Breathing a little deeper, in and out, strengthens our heart, strengthens our lungs, aids in circulation, and perhaps above all else, helps to calm our nervous system and allows us to be less stressed. This is yoga. We don’t need to “know” how to do yoga or achieve any fancy yoga pose to have our life changed by this great practice. We can see the biggest, most beneficial parts of this practice change our life, if we take the time to focus on our breath. Practicing yoga poses is icing on the cake. Practicing deep, fluid breaths is the heart of the practice.

We can breathe at work, sitting in traffic, while practicing yoga poses or while in a conversation with someone. The trick is, reminding ourselves to pay attention to it! Those of you that have practiced yoga with me know that I’m a big fan of reminding ourselves of simple things, like breathing, by using post it notes. One on your bathroom mirror, one on your fridge, one in your car. Place a post it note wherever you think it will be helpful to remind yourself through out the day to breathe. These moments of deeper breathing add up, little by little, to make big changes in our life.


The first, First Ray Yoga studio is about to open its doors next week! We’re having an open house on Saturday, December 15th from 1 – 4pm. We’ll have beverages and snacks to share. Its a time to say hello and get to know the community more. We’re at 164 Railroad Ave. suite 100 in Minturn, CO. Please spread the word to anyone you know in the area. We’ll begin classes the week of December 16th. Within a couple of days we’ll have the class schedule posted on our site at Please help us spread the word. Thanks!


This week, YogaEarth ( has featured me as their Ambassador of the Week. Its up on their blog at


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