When Things Fall in to Place

Tobin’s first flier for the studio….

When Tobin and I drove across the country in September, from Florida to CO, leaving the boat behind, the one thing that kept going through my mind was, “I need consistency”! I have so many great memories of living on the boat, but a life for the past three years that depended on the weather, sea conditions and season, wore on me. We landed back in Colorado and are up in the mountains near Vail. After exploring different options, ideas, etc, we’ve landed on our next adventure – opening the first, First Ray Yoga studio. The desire in me to teach more, work with students more regularly, and have more consistency in my life has been growing and growing. We knew a studio was in the cards some day, we just didn’t know when. Now is the time. Once we arrived here, all the factors have been falling in to place……..

Many of my closest friends own yoga studios and have given me such warnings as “Talk to me BEFORE you open a space”. Or, “Its way more difficult to have a studio than I ever expected”. I’ve been traveling the country the last few years teaching, from L.A to Miami, Saranac Lake, NY to Oklahoma, and I’ve been taking notes. Taking notes on everything from schedules and class offerings to colors and the smell in the room. The biggest thing I’ve learned is to keep it simple, manageable and affordable!!!! (I apologize to my friends for not consulting them before making this decision!) So, we’re starting small. Just me teaching on the schedule at first. Offering classes, one on one instruction, worskhops and eventually trainings. Its small enough that when I’m not here,  traveling some place else in the country, we’re closed. Grass roots. Mom and Pop. So far, the community and people of Minturn have been open and welcoming. The town is small, yet so close to Vail, Edwards, Eagle and the airport. A great spot.

So, here we are. Now is the time. Officially the studio is at 164 Railroad Ave., suite 100 Minturn, CO. We’ll open for a meet and greet on December 15th, have a modified schedule through the holidays, and then our full schedule starting January 1st, 2013. All the info will be on the website at www.firstrayyoga.com – also on this site is my travel schedule for those of you not in the CO area.

Thanks for your support and good wishes. Please help us spread the word and I look forward to seeing you some place in the world soon!


One thought on “When Things Fall in to Place

  1. Teri G.

    Jamie – Congratulations! How exciting to begin this new adventure. You are such an inspired teacher, I know you will create a wonderful space – I miss having you in L.A. but hope to practice with you in Colorado sometime!


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