Our Every Day Teachers – Not “Masters” or “Gurus”

Its been a full few weeks – Florida to Colorado, Colorado to Los Angeles, Los Angeles to Virginia. I spent this past weekend teaching at East Meets West Center in Vienna, VA – part of the studio’s teacher training. It was a great experience. Mainly of course, because of the group of students. Yesterday morning, I headed back to Colorado to stay put for a little while.

To top off a good weekend, two nights ago I had the pleasure of having dinner with a relatively new, but good friend. She’s smart, present and down to earth. She’s the type of person I can be honest with, and not not feel judged by. These are the characteristics  I admire in a  person. And, my sense of feeling accepted by her is something I appreciate very much. Dinner the other night got me thinking about the experience of students in this past weekend’s teacher training. What was their experience like with me as “the teacher”? I also thought about my own experience, as a student, with many teachers over the years. What sort of teachers have I chosen to be around and why? There days I gravitate towards teachers that are honest, open minded and able to not have all the answers.

Right now, some of my best teachers aren’t in the yoga room, but are friends and loved ones. People who are grounded, direct, confident and non-judgemental. There are some amazing teachers all around us, none of whom have or need the title of “master” or “guru”. I should probably thank these friends and loved ones more often and let them know that they’re admired and appreciated.


5 thoughts on “Our Every Day Teachers – Not “Masters” or “Gurus”

  1. Tammy Askins

    Hey Jamie!
    My experience with you as a teacher at East Meets West this past weekend was fabulous! I thought I should tell you that :). I had a great time and learned so much. I love your honest, open and easy going manner. It was very refreshing. You gave us so much fantastic information but I think the best gift you gave, was what you gave of yourself! Thank You! It was much appreciated. You are an amazing teacher.Hope your new home is all the you wish for. Best of Luck.
    Tammy Askins 🙂
    (The no butt lady.) To be or not to be that is the question?

    1. Jamie Elmer Post author

      Hi Tammy – you are too kind! (and funny). Great to meet you all and thanks for being such a good sport and example last weekend. Much appreciated. Can I use part of what you wrote as a testimonial on my site? Have a good week. Looking forward to our paths crossing again.

  2. Beatrice Cheong

    Hi Jamie,

    Thank you for being a wonderful teacher at East Meets West’s teacher training last week. I learned a lot and look forward to attending another one of your workshops.

    Take care,

    1. Jamie Elmer Post author

      Thanks, Bea. It was great to be there and work with all of you. I hope to see you down the road. Have a great time learning through out your teacher training!


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