Four weeks ago Sunday, we drove away from our boat, BALANCE in Palm Coast, FL where we left her in a slip for sale. Its been a month and I don’t think its sunk in yet that we’re not going back. At least I probably won’t go back. Tobin will when we have a potential buyer and he goes for a sea trial. Anyway, its a bit strange being on land,but definitely more my natural element. We arrived in Colorado a few weeks ago and immediately realized that the hardest part about being on land, would be being in one place for an extended amount of time. On the boat, we would sometimes be in one anchorage for a night, sometimes a few weeks, but not indefinitely. So, we’re trying to work around that! The thought of being in a place, taking the same route, getting in to the same routine, same grocery store, same traffic pattern, seemed an impossible transition. So, again, we’re trying to work around that! We will be spending the winter in Colorado, but for the time being are traveling around Vail and Moab on our way to Los Angeles where I’m teaching yoga next week. I’m looking forward to being in L.A. A place that always feels like a home to me.

Here are some pics from the last week in Colorado and Moab. Two and a half years living on a sail boat, and today I literally wondered if I had left my leg muscles on the east coast. Practicing yoga regularly, running here and there, hiking, swimming, doesn’t do what mountain biking does. I feel like a total beginner when it comes to strength. But, I’m open to it. A new beginning starting today with a 15 mile ride on a Moab, UT trail. I just hope I can walk normally tomorrow.

Near Vail Pass, CO, Morning and Deer in Moab, Minturn, CO campsite










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