Back to the Mountains/Road Trippin’


In This BLOG:

– Road Trippin’ pics

– Two yoga teaching events in Los Angeles in October – to see my up coming teaching schedule across the country, please visit my site at

Four and a half days on the road, 2,500 miles, and we arrived in the Colorado Rocky Mountains from Palm Coast, Fl. The boat is tucked away there for sale. We’ll be spending the Fall, Winter and Spring around Denver, the mountains, traveling teaching yoga and exploring on skis and mountain bikes. So far, it hasn’t sunk in that BALANCE, the boat ( isn’t home any longer. Reality sinks in with time I guess.

From the road, here is Apollo and B Dog, the two best road trippers around.



Trees in Rollinsville, CO – a different landscape from Florida for sure!

I’m back to driving on land and using the jeep to get from point A to point B – for 2.5 years a dinghy was my ride on and off the boat….I already miss it, really!

Here are a couple of events that I’ll be teaching in Los Angeles in October. I hope to see some of you there. Please join me and spread the word!

Anatomy and Healthy Aging flyer-front

Anatomy and Healthy Aging Flyer:back










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