Going Back in Time


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Up Coming Yoga Teaching Events

BLOG: Going Back in Time

Up Coming Yoga Teaching Events

Please mark your calendars and spread the word – here is a listing of a few of my teaching events in the next few months:

October: Rasa Yoga CenterYoga Mittra T.T, Exhale, Venice

November: East Meets West CenterEaston Yoga

January: Yoga Shala

March: Retreat in Mexico at Villa Ananda

*On my website, you can always see my “schedule” page for dates, events and registration information.

Going Back in Time

Many years ago my yoga teacher, Max Strom, hosted a retreat wth Georg Feuerstein at Zaca Lake, CA. I had attended a couple of Max’s retreats already and loved them. I loved this one too, but looking back, didn’t appreciate it as much as I would now. If you don’t know, Georg is considered to be one of our time’s most notable scholars of yoga philosophy and history. And, he passed away on August 25th. I first read of his passing on Facebook (oh, how times have changed) because his wife posted a sweet paragraph about him. I was catching up on Facbeook posts as we waited out tropical storm Isaac on the boat. Immediately, “likes” and “comments” were circulating on line. I thought back to my time spent on this particular retreat with Georg. At the time, most of my yoga interest was still about the physical practice. I wasn’t yet interested in much philosophy, meditation or history of yoga.

I wish I could participate in that retreat over again. I would absorb so much more! I do feel lucky though to have spent just a drop of time with Georg. Enough time for him to influence me. Enough time for me to know that there was a whole world and view of yoga out there that in due time, I would learn more about. So, if you haven’t already, check out some of Georg’s writing and books. We have a lot to learn from him. (One of my most useful/practical books is his book, “The Yoga Tradition”.)

Kite Surfers the day before tropical storm Isaac came through Ft. Lauderdale

Looking at a little wind from inside BALANCE. Couldn’t leave the boat for three days b/c of wind and rain, but besides that, all was good. We collected a lot of water for our tanks!

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