You’re Going to be Great Teachers

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This weekend’s Yoga and Walking Yoga teaching schedule

BLOG: You’re Going to be Great Teachers

This weekend’s Yoga and Walking Yoga teaching schedule:

At The Canebrake for a weekend of yoga workshops and walking yoga workshops. Next up is Walking Yoga part 1 and 2 on Saturday, August 18th starting at 10 am. Please visit to sign up and for directions. On Sunday I’ll be teaching my workshop,  “The Tipping Point” starting at 9 am. If you haven’t checked out the Canebrake before, look them up and come for a visit. Its a great place to eat, stay, rest and practice yoga!

BLOG: You’re Going to be Great Teachers

I’m on the plane on my way to teach at The Canebrake in Wagoner, Oklahoma as I write this. I just spent three days teaching my Applied Anatomy for Yoga section of my friend Lori Snyder’s teacher training in Arcata, Ca at Om Shala Yoga.

I love my time in airports and on planes. Its when I write, read, reflect and plan. One of the only down parts is how my legs, glutes and lower back feel after sitting on too many planes. None the less, I’m grateful for this time!

My three days in Arcata was surprising to me. On my yoga teaching trips I really never know what to expect unless I’ve been there before. Many studios I go to I have a history with, but not always. I’d never taught at Om Shala Yoga before this week or met the students  in Lori’s training until early Monday morning when we began the course. From the first hour of the training I knew it was a good group. For the most part, the teacher trainees were young. Younger than me which is a new and somewhat shocking experience (!) But, these trainees had a lot of life experience, dedication and very open minds that were eager to learn. I appreciate so much their openness to learning from someone that they had never even met. Ahh, if only I had been that willing ten years ago……..

Its important to be discerning, thoughtful and not believe everything you’re told. Its also great to approach a situation with an open mind and see what just might work for you. So, to Lori’s teacher trainees – thanks for having me and reminding me just how many wise AND kind people are out there. You’re going to be great teachers!


One thought on “You’re Going to be Great Teachers

  1. Nancy

    Really sweet thoughts. Remember, we all look back with wishes that we’d been more open. That’s youth, and the reassurance that our young people (including you and me) can figure things out, bring new light, and live the solution.

    Love you!



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