Remembering Ken

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Remembering Ken

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Remembering Ken

Ken at Zaca Lake, CA on Max Strom’s yoga retreat

Ken at Zaca with friend’s Robin and Jim

When I first started going to my teacher’s yoga classes, there were certain people in the room that were staples to the class. People that I would see every week, weekend, at the same class time, and who would even put their mats down in the exact same place for each practice. Years go by, time passes and things change. Some things change a lot, and some things don’t waiver too much. From those early days of practicing in Santa Monica, there are many people that I’ve never seen again. There are also people who I still continue to see in class, run in to at the grocery store, or am close friends with. One of the people who has remained a staple in my life is Ken. Two weeks ago I was teaching in L.A. I was able to go visit Ken in his home. I was so glad to see him, hold his hand and talk to him. Four days after I saw Ken he passed away. He had been sick on and off and a close mutual friend of ours told me when I arrived to town that she felt like I should see Ken as soon as possible.

I knew Ken for over a decade. Although I didn’t know him all that well, he was a staple in my life. A man I trusted and felt very close to. Ken and his wife would have friends over for dinner, give us big hugs, big smiles and always a plethera of great red wine and cheese. He was an open hearted man and made a choice to show up for people in good spirits. (no red wine pun intended!) Ken was one of the main founders of Sacred Movement, in Venice, CA. The studio that is now Exhale, Center for Sacred Movement. The studio that I grew up teaching in. My home studio. Without Ken and a few key others, Sacred Movement would not exist.

One of my most intriguing and touching memories of Ken was one warm Saturday, about 7 or 8 yars ago, at the end of Max’s yoga class. His yoga mat was next to mine. We had said maybe a dozen words to each other over the years up until this point, but we had practiced together for a long time, and in a way, been staples in each other’s life already. Ken turned to me and put the palm of his hand up. He said, “Hold up your hand”. I held up my palm, facing him, about 6 inches away. He looked at me and said, “Do you feel that? Do you feel that energy? That’s yoga. Isn’t that awesome?!” Now, Ken is my dad’s age. A man who is highly educated and intelligent. A smart professional. Ken turning to me and mentioning “energy” after a yoga class and calling it “awesome” was not what I expected to come out of his mouth! It was awesome. Yoga is amazing and awesome, and he trusted in and beleived in that energy and in the practice more than most. He’d come to class on the weekend, he’d come after a long day at work. He didn’t look like a stereotypical “yogi”, but he was the real deal. An accomplished man who knew the amazing practice of breath and movement through yoga.

I bring up this idea of “staples” in our life because we could all acknowledge these important figures more. People that we feel close to, that perhaps we’ve never even had a conversation with. People that have witnessed our life through births, deaths, love, devorce. People who we think about probably more than they realize. Time passes and I realized when I saw Ken sick, that I had spent more time with Ken in yoga classes than I had spent with anyone in my family in the past ten years. That’s an important person.

Although I won’t be seeing Ken in physical form any longer, I’m comforted to know that where he is now he’s in good company. It was one of my first thoughts when I learned he had died. Some of my favorite people have passed away, and if they’re all somewhere connecting, that would be fantastic! Who knows……..

I do know that I will continue to think of him often and know him as a supportive, stable, staple in my life.


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One thought on “Remembering Ken

  1. Jane Guthrie

    I also was in many, many classes with Ken. He was a fine example of a modern day yogi. Thanks for the wonderful photos, Jamie.


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