Do The Opposite of your Natural Tendency

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Yoga Schedule Update – what’s coming up next

Do The Opposite of Your Tendency

Boat for sale and media for home practice

Yoga Schedule Update

I just returned from Los Angeles and VA. To those of you I saw in class and in workshops, thanks for coming out! Hope to see you again next time.

In August I’ll be teaching in Oklahoma at The Canebrake ( and Northern California at Om Yoga Shala ( Please spread the word and I hope to see some of you there.

Do The Opposite of Your Natural Tendency

When it comes to yoga and other physical and mindful practices, we often gravitate towards a practice that feels familiar and comfortable. For instance, if you tend to have low energy, are depressed, move slow and are lethargic, than you probably tend to practice yoga in a similar way that is slow, not too challenging and is fairly calm. At the other end of the spectrum, someone who is stereotyped as “type A”, with lots of energy and very busy tends to pick a practice that has the same qualities – a faster pace, lots of movement and flow and perhaps little or no stillness. Does the lethargic person need more calm? Does the busy, fast paced person need more speed? Probably not.

First, we need to learn more about ourselves through yoga, then we’re better equipped at deciding which practices are truly helpful and balancing, and which practices we like because they keep us in a familiar state.

Making the decision to do what we need instead of what we want can be challenging. Change is hard! So, for starters, if your energy is generally low, or you’re a bit down, try a practice that is more heating, more challenging and with more movement. If you’re revved up, nervous, energetic or have anxiety, instead of cultivating more of that energy, try the opposite. Go slow, don’t practice in a heated room, practice easy breathing and a less physical experience. Notice how making decisions based on creating balance instead of familiarity help to create positive change and more ease in your body, nervous system and energy.

*Speaking of balance, our sailboat, appropriately named BALANCE, is for sale. The website with full details, specs and photos is at Please spread the word to your communities so that BALANCE can move on to new owners! Thank you. You never know how we’re connected or how we’ll find the right person to pass her on to.

*Please check my site at to see what, where and when I’ll be teaching next and to sign up for my e-mail list.

*Also, for your home practice and to own Yoga for Cruisers practices, please visit the STORE page on my website for downloadable audio classes, DVDs or to order copies via mail. If you practice with, search for Jamie Elmer and other downloadable classes are available there, too.









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