You Never Know Until You Try

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Jamie’s  teaching schedule in Los Angeles

BLOG: You Never Know Until You Try – Bahamas pictures included

I’ll be teaching in Los Angeles at Exhale, Venice July 4th – 13th the following classes:

Wednesday, July 4th – 12:45 pm

Friday, July 6th – 9 am. Level 2 AND 6 pm. Level ⅔

Monday, July 9th – 9 am. Level 2

Wednesday, July 11th – 9 am. Level 2

Thursday, July 12th – 7 pm. yoga therapeutics

Friday, July 13th – 9 am. Level 2

I hope to see you in these classes at my old home studio. I look forward to being there!

Earlier this week we arrived in Miami, back from the Bahamas. Below are more pictures of our trip. We came back to the states early to cross the gulf stream in good weather instead of 8 to 10 foot seas. Our timing worked well until the last two hours of our trip where we got caught in a small storm of 50 mph winds with downtown Miami in sight. We seem to have a knack for these things. As opposed to last June’s storm though, this storm didn’t cause us any damage and moved over us as quickly as it came. I was thankful.

From Maine to Key West, Key West to Maryland, Maryland to FL and to the Bahamas, nearly two years on the boat full time to this day, and I’m writing to announce that we have the boat for sale. We’ve learned a lot in the past two years. More about ourselves and about living on the water than I thought there was to learn! What an experience….One main thing that we’ve concluded is the fact that we like living on the water and want to continue to do so. There are so many aspects to this life that are great. We’ve also learned that for the future we need a different boat. So, please check out the site that Tobin has made for our boat and spread the word to anyone and everyone that you think may have an interest. We have to sell this boat before we can move on. Our boat BALANCE is a special sailboat. I hope to see her go many more places and be taken care of by someone, a couple or a group that realizes how great she is. The site is – the site has tons of pics inside and out and a full write up about all that we’re selling her with.

The fact is, is that if you’ve never lived on a boat before or grown up with extensive amount of time around boats or on the water, you don’t know what it will be like. Tobin and I had a lot of faith about taking this leap when we first moved aboard TRUST, our first boat. Hence the name we gave her! We thought from our experience on TRUST that BALANCE was what we needed. We’ve learned more. You never, never know until you try what something will be like. And realistically, you live and learn. Unless you try, you don’t know. Unless you try, you have no idea perhaps what you’re missing or what works for you. So, we tried and now we know more of what we want! So, the journey and life moves on….

Hatchet Bay entrance – feels narrow!

Through the entrance….

On our new friend’s trimaran

Their trimaran in Gregory Town Harbor – we took a day trip with them up the coast and saw sharks

Good swimming spot we visited in the trimaran

Cherokee Bay – we were all alone in this anchorage – able to swim to shore – B dog had the place to herself

Hope Town – one of our favorite spots

Entering Spanish Wells

Work boats in Nassau

And across the channel from the work boats was what looked liked Disneyland

Cruise Ships in Nassau






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