Two years and two boats later, we’ve made it out of the country for the first time….

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Bahamas arrival and appreciating the process

Pics from our crossing and the Bahamas so far

Two years and two boats later, we have made it to the Bahamas. Left Ft. Lauderdale, FL at 4:45 am., crossed the Gulf Stream and arrived in the Bahamas last Tuesday, early evening. It was the best day of sailing we’ve had to date. Since then, each day has been really good. Much easier transiting than we’ve had on the east coast of the U.S. First, we arrived in West End, the west tip of Grand Bahama island to clear through customs. Next day we sailed and anchored at Mangrove Cay. The only thing on Mangrove Cay is mangroves. Then, moved on to Big Sale Cay. Only thing on Big Sale Cay were more mangroves and a nice beach. Both of these locations we swam at, but didn’t go to shore. Just spent two days anchored off of Little Abaco Island outside of Fox Town. We went to shore two nights ago. It was much different than we expected. The whole week has been a bit different than expected really. Although, I can’t tell you exactly what I had in mind for the northern Bahamas! In Fox Town, it still looked and felt like hurricane Floyd had recently been through. Tons of abandoned boats, cars, ad half constructed or torn down homes and buildings. And tons and tons of trash. The kind of trash thats easy to pick up, like plastic bottles and styrofoam containers. We arrived and tied up to the one public dock. A nice woman, Lillian, came out from the gas station and talked with us a bit and directed us in to town. We walked around for an hour or so until the misquitos began to eat us alive, then got back to the boat. Each day its been just the right amount of breeze for sailing in the morning from about 6 am to 1 pm, then the rains come in the afternoon. So far I’ve been collecting a good amount of rain water! A few days ago we went over to a bunch of islands to snorkel and let B Dog run around on an island. I’ve promised her an island to herself for about two years now. Finally we gave her one and named it B Dog Cay. Today, as we’re under way she seems depressed that we’ve left her island behind. There will be more.

Its interesting to actually be here. Its been a plan of our’s for two years now. Its taken us more time, more planning, more effort and more expense than we expected when we first set out this plan to live aboard over two years ago. Its another real eye opener to the reality that life is all about the process! Arriving here I’ve felt similarly to when I arrived at the Taj Mahal in India, and the small villages of the northern mountains in India. When I arrived in those locations I thought, “Hm, yep, this is what I thought it would look like”. Its like its written about and its like the pictures. All the more reason to realize and remember that whatever the destination or goal is, its about the process of getting there that’s important. After all, that’s where we’ll spend most of our time, is in the getting there! For me, its easy to right away think about the next place, the next goal, etc. Arriving here really magnifies that tendency. We’re here, and I’m thinking “now what”? Its easy to forget that each moment is the arrival. Each moment is the destination! So I’m trying to turn around my thinking a bit. The process of getting here has been magnified for me too, and I feel proud. We’ve come a long way. After all, when we began living aboard I had literally sailed maybe 5 times in my life. And, I look around at all the things Tobin has done on the boat to make it sailable and livable and I’m amazed. Thankful, too!

Now, we’re in Green Turtle Cay. We’ll stay here another couple of days and then head out. Great place. Got our bikes out, rode about 14 miles to go to and from town twice yesterday.  Found it so cute and historic. Discovered a beautiful white sand beach that we were the only ones at. We even ran in to another couple who knew about Yoga for Cruisers, our DVDs and about our trip up and down the east coast the last couple of years. Small world. Pretty nice place to say the least!

Here are some pics from this past week. More to come……..

Sunrise over the Gulf Stream on our way out of FL to Bahamas

Bahamas Arrival

Dolphins traveling with us have got to be good luck,right?

The sunset at Fox Town, Little Abaco

Sand in my pants removal

Really nice beach on Green Turtle Cay

Snorkeling practice

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