“So, I’ve been teaching a ton of yoga lately….”

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“So, I’ve been teaching a ton of yoga lately….”

Our whereabouts on BALANCE

Pictures of BALANCE’S new paint job, dolphins and our week under way to Lake Worth, FL

Our whereabouts on BALANCE

We sailed in to Lake Worth, FL early evening this past Friday. It was one of the best days of sailing we’ve had. Perfect wind, water and temperature. And, I wasn’t sea sick an ounce! That was a plus. We’re here, anchored for a few days and getting ready to make our crossing to the Bahamas. Taxes, the vet and grocery shopping is on the to do list for the next few days. Then, we’re hoping for our weather window to be at the end of this week. I traveled to teach three weekends in a row this past month, to Easton, PA, Los Angeles and Vienna, VA. Now, I have a few weeks of not getting on a plane. All the trips were really great, but I’m glad to have some time just to focus on what we’re doing on the boat and where we’re going. Its helpful to stay present while trying to cross the gulf stream!

“So, I’ve been teaching a ton of yoga lately….”

I was just back in Los Angeles a couple of weeks ago, my home away from home. Its always a bitter sweet time there. I go, see students that I miss, friends I miss, but don’t want to live there full time again. Its too busy and congested for me now. Its great to go back though and teach, and I feel lucky that I can. There are funny cliche’s about any place, but I think particularly about Los Angeles. When it comes to yoga, people joke about the fact that a ton of people on the west side walk around with a yoga mat slung over their shoulder and are either going to or coming from a yoga class. Where else in this country do you see so many “yogi’s” at all hours of the day and night out coming and going to class? In other areas, more people have 9 – 5 jobs! So, there I was, arriving in Los Angeles on a Wednesday afternoon. After the airport I stopped at Whole Foods, of course (!) to get a few things for the week in order to avoid eating out every meal. I kid you not, I’m not making this up, I was walking behind a woman/girl, maybe a little younger than me. She was talking on her cell phone through an ear piece, like many people in the store were, and looking down at her screen, scrolling through something at the same time. The only thing I heard her say was, “So, I’ve been teaching a ton of yoga lately” and boom, she bumped in to the person in front of her. It was a classic moment; talking on the phone in the grocery store, looking down and talking about teaching yoga at the same time that her mind and attention was somewhere completely different than where she was. I shared this story a couple of times in class this past week. I got some laughs, but its a frustrating scenario I think. The more we’re connected to technology, the less I feel we’re connecting to teach other in some ways. And often times, the less we’re aware of the space and people around us. For me, a large part of yoga is about connecting and gaining more awareness. One of the things I love about some of my teachers is the fact that they’ve stressed more intimate, every day principles of yoga like, be polite, look people in the eye when talking to them, be present with those around you, say please and thank you and don’t talk on your cell phone in public. That’s yoga. And its a large part of the kind of yoga that our world needs. Now, I’m as guilty as the next. I talk on my phone while walking down the street, in airports, etc. That’s when I make more of my phone calls! But, when our attention has strayed so far as to not notice those around us, that’s over the top and just plain rude. Fortunately or unfortunately, I think we need to get back to the most basic of yoga practices in our every day life, which includes holding the door for someone, making eye contact and saying thank you. The fact that we should look up from our phones should go without saying! We have this amazing technology that in some ways allows us to connect more to people. On the other hand, with this technology we’re a bit more disconnected and distanced from those in our immediate surroundings. Lets get back to the basics of being polite and we’ll all be practicing the heart of yoga.

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