Always have an EXIT STRATEGY – or remember how you got in


Some recent boat pics

“Always have an EXIT STRATEGY”

Up – Coming Teaching Venues

Here is the boat spot primed, then we primed the whole thing, and with it’s first finish coat. She’s coming along! One more pic of me dealing with the anchor chain. Somebody has to do it!

I like to highlight positive aspects of living on a sailboat. But the truth is, there are some interesting negative parts, too! There are so many things I never thought I’d find myself doing regarding the cleaning of the boat. One of those things is cleaning the bilge (under the floor). You see, while we were in MD and heating the boat with the wood stove each day, the hull and water temperature was so much colder, that we developed some condensation. Not as much as some people say they get, and not enough to do any damage, but some. So, area by area, I have been lifting the floor or various compartments in the boat and slithering myself in, as far as I can, in order to clean. First vacuum, then disinfect, then spray down with a solution we have to put on any sign of rust spots to keep them spreading. Today,  I was underneath the galley (kitchen) sink. Remember, this is a boat, so its fairly tight. Behind this area is another little cave in the boat that I needed to reach. So, I angled my way completely under the sink, then around our plumbing, and in to a spot where I could reach behind the stove. Then, I got stuck. I couldn’t quite wriggle my way around in order to get out. I felt fairly silly. Stuck, for the love of cleaning! When we first started living on the boat, every place felt small and hard to reach. Now, I have a new view of space. Its all relative. I realize just how much space we do have compared to some boats. Many people would be amazed that I had enough room to get under the sink, let alone nearly behind it! Anyway, Tobin was sanding the outside of the boat right near me, but on the other side of the steel. I knocked a few times, but he didn’t hear me. Obviously I figured out how to get out. I just needed to make a few specific moves! I often wonder in these boat – life situations, what does someone do if they’re not agile? Keep moving for strength and stability and do your stretches. You never know when they’ll pay off.

THIS weekend I’ll be teaching at Easton Yoga  in Easton, PA –

Next week I’ll be teaching in Los Angeles at Exhale, Center for Sacred Movement: please check the Exhale website for the classes that I’ll be teaching –, Venice location

March 31st and April 1st, East Meets West Center in Vienna, Va, workshops and privates –


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