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BALANCE and the crew’s status in St. Augustine, FL

My opinion on how to pick a good yoga class and teacher

Up – coming teaching in Easton, PA, Los Angeles and Vienna, VA

In the intracoastal waterway last month BEFORE reaching Florida…………………….good times in the cold! Its a glamorous life.

A nice trimaran neighbor………he lost his dinghy during a heavy wind one night. Fortunately he found it two days later not too far away! We were worried that he’s be stuck on his boat with no way to shore…….

Taking “the beast” out of the water at Oasis Boat Yard and Marina. Weighed in at 52,000 pounds. She’s a big girl……..

Balance and the crew’s status in St. Augustine, FL.

We’re in St. Augustine, FL. When we wake up in the morning, it is now at least 60 degrees in the boat, instead of in the 30’s. Things are good. We’re at Oasis Boat Yard and Marina. The boat was hauled out of the water last week while I was still teaching in Mexico. I flew back to the boat, to a new home port (at least for a few weeks!) and the boat up on stands. Its strange to be living on the boat on land, having to get on and off the boat by a tall ladder. Its just not natural! We’ll be out of the water for a month to paint the bottom of the boat and the haul and take care of some other projects that are easier to do on land instead of the water. We’ve been here only a week, but really like St. Augustine. Its the oldest city in the United States. We’ve met some nice people here at the marina and from the neighborhood we’re in. This area of St. Augustine is called Lincolnville. There is a church a few doors down that Martin Luther King spoke at that is on the Freedom Trail. Its a really interesting part of the city. Last night, these new friends invited us to go to the art walk with them. Every first Saturday of the month there is an art walk in town. So great. It felt like we were part of the community already. Thats one thing I love about living on a boat. We’re already finding our groove in a new spot, even though we’ll be headed out in a month. I love the feeling that many places start to feel like home. We can always come back.

Last night, Vince, who lives in Lincolnville, was asking me about yoga. He said he had been meaning to try yoga, but just hadn’t gotten around to it yet. He asked me what he should look for in a yoga class, teacher/studio. I’m asked this question quite often, so I thought I’d share my answer here.

My opinion on how to pick a good yoga class and teacher

I could share a lot about this topic, but I’ll try to keep it short and to the point! Some people might not realize how many different forms of yoga there are. In my home country, the United States, most people think of yoga as a purely physical discipline or form of exercise. Some might know that it can include meditation, breathing and/or relaxation. In most yoga studios, people come in to a class and experience a physical practice, where the teacher may or may not emphasize breathing or meditation.  The fact is, I know that I can be really opinionated sometimes about how someone is teaching, what they are teaching and why! But at the end of the day/class, its about what works for each individual. And people need different things for different reasons. What works for one doesn’t work for all. What works for one person’s body doesn’t for another. What works for one person’s mind and heart, won’t work for another. And, its ever changing! So, I told Vince, shop around. Try different studios and different teachers. Notice how you feel afterward. Notice how you feel later in the day or how you sleep at night. Notice the personalities of the people taking the class. Are they nice? Is it a comfortable environment? Do you resonate with the teacher? Do you leave feeling good? Does your mind feel calm, does your nervous system feel relaxed? What one person says is right or wrong is usually up for debate. When it comes to finding your yoga teacher or studio, go with your gut. In a nut shell, does being there make you feel better and do you leave feeling better than when you walked in? If so, it may be your match. For now. Because as I said, its ever changing. Usually, who our teachers are will change over time. Just remember, yoga is designed to BRING US IN TO BALANCE. If you feel more balanced, overall, from your teacher/class. That’s a good sign. (Its hard to keep this question short and sweet!)

Up – coming teaching in Easton, PA, Los Angeles and Vienna, VA

Easton Yoga, Easton, PA March 17th and 18th – – please see the studio’s site for full details on the one day retreat, arm balance workshop and private instruction

Los Angeles, March 22nd – 25th –

I’ll be teaching part of Annie Carpenter’s training – a segment on How to Teach Beginners

TWO public classes (so far!) Thursday, March 22nd, 6 pm. and Sunday, March 25th, 10:30 am.

Private instruction – if interested in private instruction for questions about your practice, injuries and special needs, please e-mail me directly to set up a time:

East Meets West Center, Vienna, VA, March 31st and April 1st – Please visit the studio’s website for workshop times and descriptions –

To be added to my e-mail list, please send an e-mail to and specify which region of the country you live in and would like information about.

Thank you!










































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