Sea Sickness and a great Mexico Retreat

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Our short trip down the east coast on BALANCE

Yoga retreat in Mexico

I wouldn’t call myself adventurous by nature, although in the past few years I’ve found myself making decisions that placed me in what felt like adventurous circumstances. I’m not someone who feels the need to prove themselves by tackling challenging physical obstacles or risking their life. But, I do feel the need, more and more, to experience as much as possible. This past week we had a few new experiences on BALANCE as we came down the east coast.

We headed down the east coast of the US, about 100 miles off shore after we left Beaufort, NC. The weather wasn’t great, and the waves were on our nose nearly the entire time. It wasn’t the most pleasant of trips. Good thing Tobin (and our pets) have a strong stomach on board, because I didn’t. I was more sea sick on this trip than any other time. Out of the blue it seemed like. Once I got sick, it was hard to shake. After the first 12 hours off shore, I was throwing up bile, then just dry heaving. That was a new experience, and one I don’t necessarily need to have again. Although, I have a feeling, inevitably, I will! Its times like this that I start having second thoughts, or thoughts like, “why are we doing this?’……….searching my mind for the reasons why we live aboard and are cruising. Then, the morning came, the sun came out, I shed my rain gear and it was a different day with dolphins swimming all around us. What a difference a day makes! Once we were off the coast of South Carolina, we were down to wearing just 1 layer of clothing, as opposed to the 3 or 4 for the days prior. It felt great. We cleaned up the boat, brought the dog and cat up on deck, made brunch and all was well. Once the weather broke and I was cleaned up and keeping food down, there was no question in my mind why we are on the boat. The pros at this point outweigh the cons.

Now, I’m in Mexico, outside of Puerta Vallarta to teach a yoga retreat for the week. I’m happy to be in warmer weather and out of MD for the winter. Tobin is spending the next few days bringing the boat to St. Augustine, FL where we will be for a few weeks to haul out and paint the bottom and top sides of BALANCE. Send him good vibes as he journeys alone!

2 weeks on the move again and I realize how healthy our life is for my mind. Being on the move, on the boat, keeps me sharp, present, and much more open minded as to the bigger picture of life. I’ve realized, although our 7 months in ¬†Annapolis was great, my mind, when in one place starts to feel tights, stressed and enclosed. I begin to micro manage and over analyze. The little things become too big, and my world gets small. I told Tobin after one week of being on the move again that my mind felt liquid again and alert. These are somewhat surprising feelings for me since I think that by nature I love routine, predictability, order and familiarity. I know that being ourselves is a necessity. On the other hand doing things that challenge our tendencies can often times create more balance and wholeness. Have I mentioned that living on the boat and cruising has been the biggest yoga experience of my life?!

Below are pictures of Villa Ananda, the retreat center where we are at. These were taken from their website. I’ll post more pics from this trip as the week goes on and i take more………..

In the works

An FYI, Tobin is re-creating our web sites for First Ray Yoga and Yoga for Cruisers. They will be one site with downloadable audio and video yoga classes, as well as our Yoga for Cruisers sequences for boaters on board. Please check back with either or, and you’ll be able to purchase yoga practices, workshops and tutorials on line. We’re pretty excited about this, and I’m impressed, once again, that Tobin is doing this himself! I teach the yoga. He figures out how to get it out there!

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