Anticipation and Fear – Worse than reality!

(Written Wednesday, February 1st)

Today, we set out from Annapolis, MD down the Chesapeake Bay. Its been unusually warm the last few days, and this morning was no exception. Annapolis locals have told us about the horrible winters of the past, and how lucky we are that this season has been so mild. Today, as we left our trusty Back Creek anchorage, it was 55 degrees. Its February! In Annapolis 55 feels tropical. This morning as we got ourselves prepared, my stomach was flipping and I was slightly shaky. Nerves and emotions. Before we left the anchorage, Tobin and I said a few encouraging words to each other and thanked our Back Creek neighborhood – our home for the past 7 months. 7 months! Can’t believe its been that long since arriving in MD. In that time, so much has been changed and improved on the boat and Tobin and I have clarified why we’re out living on a boat and cruising. Once we got under way today, I felt like we were back on course, and a bit lighter. Thats definitely a different feeling than I’ve been experiencing in the past few weeks leading up to today. For the past month, my anxiety level has been quite high. I finally realized that the fear from the storm we experienced this past summer was still just under the surface. I really didn’t realize just how much of that experience I have still been carrying around, and in preparing to head south, the fear was right in my face.

So, here I am on watch. Tobin is napping. Its calm and we’re on our way. I’ve known and told myself lately that the only way to let this anxiety go is to get back on the horse – or get back to sailing as our case may be. So, that’s what we’re doing.

Yoga/Teaching News

Retreat in Mexico, February 19th – 25th, 2012. Please see for all the information and to join us!

New downloadable yoga classes on YogaVibes – here is the link directly to my page with 4 downloadable classes:

Also, soon, our First Ray Yoga ( site and Yoga for Cruisers (www.yogaforcruisers) site will be one web page and have downloadable media – including:

Audio Yoga Classes, Live Yoga Classes and our Yoga for Cruisers Series 1. We’re excited to be transitioning in in to having media available from our site! It will be available soon. Please check it out and spread the word.,,,


2 thoughts on “Anticipation and Fear – Worse than reality!

  1. timmie shelton

    Hey Jamie it’s Timmie, frankie’s mom, been watching for a post since you guys left Deltaville hope everthing is going good so far! Hope you’ll got far enough away from this cold front hitting here this weekend, and yes it involves snow..Good luck and write something when you can.


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