Tell me again why we decided to stay in Maryland for the winter?!!!!!!



Chilly winter in Maryland

Slowing down – who has time for that?

Lululemon photo shoot

Up-coming yoga teaching events

Media for Sale and About Yoga for Cruisers and First Ray Yoga

As the nights are getting colder, and I’m back to wearing 5 layers of clothing at all times, Tobin and I joke, “Why aren’t we in the Bahamas”? The reality is, for a few reasons, we needed to stay in one spot for a while. Annapolis, MD is a great place to be on a boat, so thats why we’re here. Although, it is getting chilly, and people around here say its not even winter yet! We’re keeping our little wood stove burning as much as possible right now. We don’t get up in the night to add more wood, so as a result, when we get up in the morning, its chilly. Yesterday, it got up in to the high 40’s here, and at night, outside the boat, it got down to 30 degrees. When I got up this morning, it was 37 degrees in the boat. It took a few hours, but we got the temperature up to 60 degrees. What will it be like when it gets down in to the teens at night? We’re hoping for an abnormally warm, warm winter. And, we keep reminding each other that we have to look at this winter as an adventure!!!!!

This is what I expect to see one of these days when I get up and look outside the window (kidding)


Slowing down – who has time for that?!

There is a lot of talk about slowing down, being mindful and enjoying the moment. I can think about that as a great theory, but nothing has slowed me down (in a good way) and made me more mindful than living on a boat. I’ve been forced to slow down in the best possible sense and to my betterment! I feel as if I’m experiencing more each day by this lifestyle. Everything takes longer on a boat. We have to factor in dinghying to and from the boat each day – usually a few times, filling our water tanks, filling gas and diesel tanks and general maintenance on the boat as you would have in any other living situation. I have to admit, the thing I miss the most from living on land is having a washer and dryer. Bringing laundry on and off the boat is a drag, but I’m learning to excpet it! I feel like for the first year on the boat I was resisting it all in some sense. I was still trying to live life as I had on land, trying to run too many errands, do too much, and have too long of a “to do” list. I’m becoming much more realistic in what can and should be done in one short day. For instance, when we don’t have a car and are running errands on foot, going to the grocery store is a half a day experience. It can become the “big event” of the day, instead of an insignificant errand which I would run on the way home from teaching. Running errands on foot or bike, and there are always errands, becomes the event of the day. Its my nature to try to cram in as many things as humanly possible to the day. I’ve always lived with this nagging sense that if I could just get it all done, then I would rest, read a book or watch a movie. I’ve always known that I’ll never get it all done, so as a result, I rarely rest. Living on a boat has magnified that to the extent that I’m finally starting to give up trying to do too much. So, I still am type A and am attached to a master to do list, but my list has become much more reasonable. I’m learning what it means to have a few things on the list for the day, instead of a million with unreasonable expectations. Its an interesting thing to notice – I feel as if by trying to be reasonable with the amount that I can accomplish and do, I’m actually living and experiencing more. I feel as if many of us live this life as if, if we just got enough done, then we would slow down and enjoy life more. Living on a boat forces the slowing down, and I’m certainly more aware of living in the moment each day. NOW is the time to slow down. The “to do” list is never, and will never be done. Ever. That is a fact. Now is the time to be present, take things one step at a time and enjoy what is. This is the ultimate yoga practice for me right now.

It certainly doesn’t help that most of us have smart phones and nearly constant access to the internet. I feel like, in many ways, the internet, and staying “virtually connected” gives us this false sense that we should be able to do more in a day. The reality is, is that although we have all of this technology, we’re still human beings with only the capability to do so much. We can’t keep up with the pace of technology, and therefore shouldn’t try. The ability to multi-task with our phones and computers gives us this false sense that we’re accomplishing more. In reality, its proven that multi-tasking makes us less focused and less productive. Its easy to forget the fact that we, as humans, are not at our best when multi-tasking. Again, this is yoga. Keeping a single pointed focus, and doing one thing at a time keeps us present, in our bodies, aware and better at whatever one thing we are focusing on. I’m constantly reminded of this on the boat, and that is the gift of living aboard!


A few weeks ago, when it was still warm  enough to be outside in a t- shirt, Lululemon, Annapolis came out to the boat and did a photo shoot of their latest featured clothes. Here I am on the cabin top of our boat. They even got the Yoga for Cruisers Logo in the photo, and notice on the bottom right, B – Dog made her way in to the photo op! Its too bad Lululemon doesn’t make clothing for dogs.  She felt a bit left out.


This coming Saturday, December 17th, I’ll be teaching my HIPS and HAMSTRINGS – to relieve lower back pain workshop at Prana Studio in Annapolis, MD. 2 – 4 pm. $35.00 please join me and spread the word.

New Years in Medford/Ashland, OR at Rasa Yoga Center Join me December 31st (Saturday) and January 1st, 2011 (Sunday) for a fun weekend to bring in the New Year! I’ll be teaching workshops both Saturday and Sunday, and in town Monday and Tuesday, January 2nd and 3rd teaching yoga and/or walking privates. For complete details of the weekend and to sign up, please visit

Please see Rasa’s site, under “events” for complete details of our 2nd annual Mexico retreat, February 19th – 25th, 2011.


First Ray Yoga has a Beginners DVD, an Intermediate Level Audio Yoga Class and Series 1 of Yoga For Cruisers DVDs (three sequence set) If interested please e-mail us at – soon, Jamie’s This Is My Practice DVD, sequence 1 will be available. Stay tuned.

On line, you can find  Jamie’s live classes filmed at Exhale, Center for Sacred Movement in Los Angeles on Yogavibes. Please visit, search for Jamie Elmer and you can purchase the downloadable classes.


Yoga for Cruisers is an idea born of necessity.  As we’ve moved aboard our boat, full time cruising, we have learned much and managed to work our bodies in new ways. Different than sailing on the weekends or jumping on the ski boat on a sunny afternoon, or even living aboard at the slip, full time cruising works our bodies in incredible ways.  Whether you are new to it, or have been around a few times, you know the demands that actively moving a boat has on your body.  And whether 36, or 66, it’s a lot of work.

For some of us, we’ve found that we’re not as strong as we thought we were. Or not as flexible.  Or not as quick.  Yoga can help.  Just like becoming a good navigator, or good sail trimmer, becoming a healthy body takes time, and practice.

That is where Yoga for Cruisers comes in.  If you think you’re too old or too young, too tall or too short, or your boat is too small or too big, it doesn’t matter.  We work with folks just like you. We practice on boats, on docks, on beaches, in hotel rooms. We work with groups, with one-on-one privates, with seniors (or boomers, if you prefer), with kids, with moms, with grandpas, even with the occasional dog.

With more than ten years of full time yoga teaching experience, we’ve seen just about all of it.  Give it a shot. Try something new, and feel the difference!

Yoga for Cruisers is a part of First Ray Yoga,, our international yoga teaching organization.  Please see the page about Jamie Elmer for more information on her qualifications and experience. And visit for a schedule of national and international events.



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