A man I’ll never forget

There are some people you meet in your life that you’ll never forget. Martin, from Holland, is one of those people for me. We first met Martin, aboard his 36 foot steel boat, in Nantucket last year in late August. We were anchored, outside, working on our first smaller boat, TRUST, when Martin sailed through the anchorage on his bright blue and yellow, unique looking boat. We waved, he waived, and a day later we met him as he was leaving his boat on his kayak headed for shore. He had a dark, permanent tan, thick accent, and huge smile that he wore most of the time. Over the course of that week we came aboard his boat and he came aboard our’s to check it out. At the time, his boat seemed huge inside compared to our 32 foot Laurin Koster, originally built for off shore racing in Sweden. It was just him aboard. He had been out cruising for nearly 6 years. He was an inspiration to us. He told us stories about where he had been, and how he had acquired many of the more “costly” items on his boat. He would go out, early the next morning after a storm, and look for things that had washed ashore. That is how he got his bimini (cover for the helm), radar, and multiple sails. The stories of what he found for free inspired us, and at the same time we knew we were not nearly as crafty or patient to find these prizes and figure out how to fix them until, as he described, they were “like new” again! We watched him sail off his anchor one morning, impressed that he barely ever needed to use his engine, and spoke of him fondly over the past year. One phrase he used often in that week that we got to know him was, “why not?” He would be describing how he would find various parts of boat remnants, engine parts, scraps, etc., would polish, fix or put them back together and they were “like new” again. And then at the end of most sentences finish by saying, “why not”?

Since meeting Martin we have sailed to Key West and are now back up in the Chesapeake Bay. At anchor last week, we were coming back to or boat, BALANCE, and Tobin said to me, “is that MARTIN”?!!!! It was definitely his boat. A one of a kind. We traveld past his boat to get to our’s and noticed baby diapers hanging out on the lifelines to dry. His kayak was not there so we assumed he had gone ashore. We got very excited by the fact that we were going to see him again. A few minutes later he, Anna and their nine month old baby, Mia came up to our boat in the kayak. Yes, the same kayak that we first met him on. This time, Anna was in the back, Mia in the middle and Martin forward to row. Since seeing him last year, he had traveled to the Carribean and then to Bermuda to meet up with Anna and their baby. Martin had his permanent tan, his thick accent and was all smiles. So was his baby, Mia. Over the past week we’ve had them over for dinner and Tobin and Martin have already started helping each other with projects.

Today, Martin kayaked over to our boat with Mia in the late afternoon as his deck paint was drying. He was telling me about how expensive food and groceries were in this area and that now with Anna and Mia aboard he was spending more money than he was used to. He told me that he used to spend only $1,500.00 a year when he was out cruising alone. Yes, $1,500.00 in a year! I can’t quit fathom that, but that is why we like Martin. He is a one of a kind. He would not think of buying anything for his boat, or himself, at Westmarine or Home Depot. Of course not. Why would you when you can find it on a wrecked or abandoned boat for free?! And with a little work, make it “like new”. Because, “why not?” We noticed right away that he now has a roller furler on his boat. (A sail furler makes it so that you don’t have to go on deck, up to the bow, when you want to take down or put up a sail) Most boats we see these days have a roller furler. We don’t yet. Its a big money item. We asked him aboat it. He said he took it off a boat that had sunk and it had been submerged for over a year! He said he cleaned it up, sprayed some silicone on it and it worked fine. “Like new”. He said he would find us one. I believe him. He probably can. And we’ll definitely give him a good finders fee if we don’t have to buy one new for ourselves some day!

I’ve always admired “do it your selfers”. I’m not really one of those. Tobin amazes me with what he makes, figures out, constructs and crafts. Martin takes it to a whole new level. He not only finds most things for free but then knows how to fix them and make them work! It also comes down to having the will to do so. I guess I may just be a bit more “western” in my ways. Good for him. He is one of the happiest and smartest people I’ve ever met.


On a teaching note:

This past weekend I taught part of Easton Yoga’s teacher training. www.eastonyoga.com. It was a great weekend. I’m sad that I won’t be going back for another segment. Being there is great and the students are great.

This coming weekend I’ll be teaching a Master Class at Prana Yoga. www.pranayoga.com. This is an all levels class. Please check Prana Yoga’s website for time and price. I look forward to teaching there. Its where I have been slipping in to class since being in Annapolis.

The first weekend in November I’ll be teaching at The Canebrake. www.thecanebrake.com Its a wonderful restaurant and retreat facility outside of Tulsa, Oklahoma. Please spread the word. Its my first time teaching there.

For my Los Angeles friends, I really look forward to teaching at Exhale, Center for Sacred Movement November 30th – December 4th, 2011. www.exhalespa.com Please view the Exhale website for the classe and workshop times that I’ll be teaching.

Our Yoga for Cruisers DVDs have been released and are for sale. If you, friends or family live, work or play on a boat please check out our Series 1 set. There are three sequences for all levels. Please visit www.yogaforcruisers.com or send us an e-mail at info@yogaforcruisers.com

Here are  a few pics of our friend Martin and his daughter, Mia. Martin’s boat, ROTOP, and of course, a pic of b dog, and Apollo and Tobin having a very strenuous afternoon nap.




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