Winter preparation with world’s smallest stove!

The little Sardine that could!

This picture doesn’t do this little stove justice. Actually, the picture makes our little “sardine” look bigger than it really is. We haven’t completed the installation yet, but soon this little guy will be heating our boat for the coming winter in Annapolis. Fingers crossed it does the job. Who knew a wood stove could be so cute? (and small?)

The Annapolis sailboat show was last weekend and it made this town a zoo! We anchored out near the main channel to get our Yoga for Cruisers banners on the boat seen by as many people as possible. We’ve had a good start at releasing the first Yoga for Cruisers Series 1 DVDs. This weekend is the power boat show so we’re hoping to get some more hits on the site, inquiries and interest in the DVDs.

This past weekend I taught in Vienna, VA for the first time at East Meets West Center – I taught my Walking Yoga/Gait Therapy workshop. It was a great, but fast, two hours! It was clear to me after this past weekend that the workshop needs to be at least a part 1 and part 2 – perhaps in the same day with a lunch break in between. 2 hours and we’re barely getting started! My friend Mel wrote a great blog about the walking work. Its at Thanks, Mel!

Often times on the boat I feel so grateful for living on the water and being able to travel. I also have many moments, like during these boat shows when I find myself thinking “Who ARE these people?” Tobin and I work hard to make our life doable on the water. We’re do it yourselfers and finding our way. Being in a place like Annapolis, and especially during these boat show weekends, there are so many HUGE, FANCY, EXPENSIVE boats. There is so much money wrapped up in these things! And it isn’t just here. Up and down the east coast, and all over the world are marinas and ports with tons and tons of boats. Some boats small and falling apart, and some boats huge and fancy. Again I wonder, “Who ARE all these people?”  Here was one bigger boat that came in to Annapolis today. Right beside it was a 50 foot sailboat coming in. The sailboat looked miniature compared to this motor yacht.

So many people living so many interesting lives out there!


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