Lil’ boats, A schooner and Yoga teacher training and Yoga for Cruisers

My dad at the helm of Schooner Woodwind here in Annapolis, MD.

B Dog Long Tongue at the nearby dog park – her retreat from the boat

Me teaching part of teacher training at Journeyoga in Arlington, VA last month –

Lil’ boats racing around us at anchor

Nicest sunset we’ve had here in Annapolis – taken by our friend Greg visiting from Los Angeles

“Is Yoga for Cruisers for boaters or for poeple that ride beach cruisers?”

We have our Yoga for Cruisers DVDs available! We’re excited about being able to offer our Series 1 dvd series. What I think is special about these sequences is not just the locations that we’ve filmed them in (Miami, Key West and Annapolis), but also that they can be done by just about anyone. Yes, they were designed for the cruiser/boater in mind, but they’re appropriate for people to do at home, at the office, etc. When we are around fellow “cruisers”/boaters, they know that Yoga for Cruisers is for them, but I’ve had quite a few non boaters ask me if Yoga for Cruisers is for people that ride beach cruisers. Nope. But those people could still do the practices, too! Please check out our Yoga for Cruisers site for more info ( and e-mail us to order a copy of the series for yourself or a friend. These dvds are also fun with Tobin’s dinghy tour at the end of each – showing you around the harbor, sunken boats, fancy boats and other interesting tid bits about the area.

This past weekend we went to our first Seven Seas Cruising Association GAM just a little south of us here in Annapolis. It was nice to take the boat out for a few days, meet more fellow cruisers and be in a new location. The special speakers were Lin and Larry Pardey. Long time cruisers with over 45 years of sailing experience together under their belt. They’ve written many books and are a great inspiration to those of us choosing to live abaord. The two are them sat at the front of the arena and she spoke while Larry chimed in jokes under his breath once in a while. Their pecific topic was about cruising on a budget and little and big ways to save money. Obviously, the biggest way to save money is to do things yourself instead of hire boat projects out. They also talked about less obvious ways to save – like not sailing with a group since you’ll end up spending more on entertainment and feeding others in the process. They showed pictures from all over the world in the last 45 years, and of them when they were younger building their second boat together. At this point I can’t imagine all the miles they’ve put in together and all that they’ve seen. That is one of the special things I think about being out on a boat with someone – no matter how many pictures you take, how much you write or talk about the experience, you can’t explain all the places you’ve seen or experiences on the boat to others. It makes for a special bond between people to have done it together. A few of our friends from this past year that are out alone have all told of us their plans to stop cruising for a while. Basically, because they’re lonely and want to share what they’re seeing with someone.

For the past few days my dad and his partner, Robin have been visiting us – seeing us on a boat for the first time. We went out and took a harbor cruise on one of the Woodwind boats – historical schooners  – One of the pics in this blog is of my dad at the helm. We’ve anchored the boat for the next couple of weeks right beside the main channel so that our Yoga for Cruisers banner and sign on the boat can be seen by as many people as possible while the Annapolis Boat Show takes place next week. Everywhere we go on the boat people start to refer to us as the people from “The Yoga Boat”. Not a bad title to receive!

We’ve seen some other cruisers arrive on boats in the last few days – traveling from near and far for the boat show. One family arrived early yesterday morning. They’re a family of a mom and dad with two kids – a boy and a girl. They travel all over during the year and have a booth at certain boat shows. They’re business is Trans Marine Pro – they install and help people design electrical systems for their boat. ( They live oboard full time and home school their kids. They’re a great example of a family living the dream. I’ve often heard people say to me when they find out that we live on a boat, “You must not have kids”. We don’t, but there are many, many people out there cruising that do. Its great to see. The kids for the most part that we’ve seen are independant, self reliant and resourceful to say the least! I think its a great way to grow up.

Yoga News

A couple of weekends ago I was teaching at Easton Yoga in Easton, PA and then at Journeyoga in Arlington, VA. If you’re ever in one of these areas please check these studios out. They’re wonderful yoga schools with great teachers., On Saturday, October 8th I’ll be teaching my Walking Yoga/Gait Therapy workshop at East Meets West Center in Vienna, VA. Its a two hour workshop based on the principles of Sherry Brourman’s work ( If you know anyone interested in healing injuries and becoming more physically balanced, please send them my way.

Yogaearth has a new powdered coconut water out thats great. Here is the link to check it out:

Other News

A friend of mine, Maria Gillespie, who I used to be in a modern dance company with in Los Angeles, is now taking on new Pilates clients. She has been teaching for years and years and I think one of the best teachers of any discipline I’ve known. I’ve copy and pasted her flier below. Please spread the word to anyone you know in the area.

with Maria Gillespie

Pilates Instructor, Dance Educator, Body Mechanics Specialist

13013 Montana Avenue Los Angeles, CA 90049 818.599.0425

My home studio is between 26th St. and Princeton with plenty of easy parking!

Private Pilates Sessions

are designed specifically for your own needs and personal goals. Maria guides and teaches her students to understand their bodies and facilitates change by offering nuanced focus on alignment, concentration, joint function, rehabilitation, and sports & dance conditioning.

Introductory Package or Refresh Rate

3 sessions – $210 ($70 per session)

Regular Rates

Single Private – $80, Series of 5 – $375 ($75 each), Series of 10 – $700 ($70 each)

Maria Gillespie holds a BFA in dance (SUNY Purchase) and an MFA in choreography (UCLA) and is the artistic director of Oni Dance. She was certified in Pilates and Dance Rehabilitation at Long Beach Dance Conditioning under the tutelage of master teacher and kinesiologist, Marie-Jose Blom Lawrence. Maria taught in fitness and pilates studios from 1989- 2000 (BUS, Spectrum, Rapid Rehab) and started her own in-home private practice in 2000. She has been teaching Pilates and Body Mechanics at UCLA since 2005. Maria brings to her practice a keen eye for movement, vivid imagery, gentle cuing, and specializes in postural analysis and injury rehabilitation.

Please visit and pass on our sites:



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  1. Sarah

    Yay! Thanks for teaching us Jamie!! : ) You’d be proud to know I am catching myself left and right standing around with terrible posture…. I have been working on stacking my bowls! : )


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