Yoga for Cruisers DVDs out, Tropical Storm and a Personal Profile

Yoga for Cruisers DVDS available soon! Please send us an e-mail at to purchase the first series and we’ll get one out to you!

The world has been a happening place when it comes to weather this season. After the earthquake here in the Cheaspeake Bay area a couple of weeks ago, we had tropical storm Irene come through. We took the boat up the Severn river and anchored behind a little island in a bay called Little Round Bay. The weather was predicted to be very rainy, with a tidal surge in the Cheapeake along with gusts of wind up to 60 or 70 mph. We spent a day getting the boat ready for the wind and moving to a more protected area. I definitely had a pit in my stomach. The night before the storm hit it was beautiful and calm. We took B dog to the island so she could run around and we went swimming. It was the calm before the storm. Then, for the next day and a half we mostly stayed inside the boat as the rain poured and the wind howled. Everything was fine. A storm like that is much easier to handle when you have time to prepare and you’re in protected waters!

A few blogs ago, I mentioned that I was going to do some profiles of fellow cruisers that we’ve met. There are so many “boaters” of all kinds – power and sail. Some race, some own a boat they’ve been fixing up for decades in their front yard, some go out on the weekends, some live aboard and some people are “cruisers”. In this past year and nearly a half, from Maine to Key West and back to Maryland, we have met some really interesting people. People from all places and walks of life.

Here in Annapolis is the US Navel Academy. We see it every day from the boat. It often makes me think of a Veteran we met down in Key West named Tommy. Tommy lived aboard a Catalina 30 with his best friend. They had grown up together, hiked and biked huge distances together, and now are living aboard a sailboat together with plans to go to the Caribbean. I didn’t grown up in a military family. My dad and uncles had all served in Vietnam, and the veterans in my life were all at least my parent’s or grandparent’s age. I grew up going to arts high school and college. None of my friends have ever been in the service, and I still usually nievely and wrongly associate veterans with people that are old enough to be my parents. Not the case. I’m 33, Tobin is now 37, and Tommy was 36 when we met him a few months ago. A veteran from northern Florida. He had served 15 years and worked his way up in ranks. In Afghanistan, his plane was shot numerous times. The back end ripped off killing half his men on board. He landed it safely. He survived with some incredible wounds. Both his lower legs were shattered along with damage to his torso. He now has tons of metal and parts that have been used to piece back his legs. He has many, many scars, but you actually have to look for them to see them. You wouldn’t know how injured he was by how he walks or gets around. You certainly wouldn’t know it from his disposition. He’s positive and generous. But, he talked with Tobin about how it takes him 30 minutes of stretching and breathing to get out of bed in the morning before he can stand up. By the end of the day he’s in tons of pain. He had been released from the hospital before he could walk on his own and feels like he was released too early. Tommy received military benefits for only three months after he was released and then those ran out. 15 years of service, 36 years old with three kids, shattered legs, chronic pain and benefits that lasted three months…………seriously? Thats all he gets?

So, he’s now on a sailboat. Getting work where and when he can. Why a boat and why plans for the Caribbean? The climate and heat are what makes his body feel best. And, he’s fairly frustrated by this country.

Starting to meet more and more veterans my age and younger (!) is strange. Meeting ones who devoted their life, gave up their youth and now don’t have financial support, much less stability, is sickening.

You just never know who’s on the boat next to you. Everyone has a story. Never make assumptions about them.

On a practical note:

Our Yoga for Cruisers DVDs are going to be available very soon. Within the next couple of weeks. If you are a boater/cruiser or have one in your life, please be in touch and contact us at www.yogaforcruisers.con or We’ll be selling the dvds via the mail and in person at first. Thanks for your support! We’ll also have a dvd coming out soon entitled “This is my practice”. Students often ask me what my yoga practice is like. Well this is it!

Also, in the coming 12 months I’ll be teaching in ten different states and teaching privates and workshops here, locally in Annapolis, MD. To view my yoga teaching schedule please visit and on the right click on “schedule”.


If you haven’t already seen it, please check out Its a great site for yoga events that you can attend all over the country (and beyond) for a discounted amount for members.

Also, if you didn’t see it a few months ago, I have a couple of classes on line at – go to the site and search for my name, Jamie Elmer. Thanks for practicing with me!



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