Tobin’s birthday, a power boat ride and the earthquake

This past weekend was Tobin’s birthday. We spent part of the day with our new friends Johnny and Kristie. Mid day a storm came through the area that left us with zero visibility. After an hour or so the clouds and fog lifted, we went out on their power boat and had a beautiful afternoon.

Our most recent on going project is the dodger on the boat. After our storm experience back in June we went for full protection and also a structure that could hold our solar panels on! Please keep your fingers crossed that hurricane Irene does not make it up to the Chesapeake and say a prayer for all those further south right now. Speaking of mother nature, we experienced an uncharacteristic earthquake here in Annapolis a couple of days ago. We were on the boat and all of a sudden our mast started shaking, things inside the boat started shaking, it felt as if we hit ground for a second with a thud, and then we had a few large rolling waves go by. Tobin and I ran up on deck and said the same thing – “that felt like an earthquake”. Then we both discussed the fact that there aren’t earthquakes in this area and that it couldn’t have been that! Sure enough, an earthquake. The world and mother nature is an ever changing place!

So, here are the pics of the week. This coming weekend I’ll be teaching at Easton Yoga in Easton, Pa. And again, if you’d like us to let you know when the Yoga for Cruisers DVD’s are available please send us an e-mail at

Tobin on his b day

Storm coming

Not so great visibility…..

An hour later – weather goes fast. I’m still so surprised by how weather can change so rapidly!

Our view of the navel academy here in Annapolis. They kindly wake us up each morning with their exercise routine going on over a loud speaker!

Kristie and Johnny on the boat

Up the river

Old house on the river

Sunset from the boat

Our dodger in pregress

Tobin at work

Me painting dodger – coat 1

Tobin taking a turn…….he’s much faster at stuff like this but convinces me that I should paint under there because I’m more flexible. Good point. I’ll let him take care of the grinding and sanding!













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