Yoga for Cruisers – what it is and how to spread the word!

I returned to Annapolis, MD and the boat from teaching in Los Angeles two days ago. It was a great trip on the west coast. To all of you I saw in class, thanks for coming out and showing up! I hope to see you again in early December when I return to teach in the L.A area.

In the coming months we’ll be focusing a lot of our attention on Yoga for Cruisers. Here’s what it is, where we’re going with it in the near future and how you can help.

As you know we live on a sailboat. We not only live on the boat but travel on the boat. So, it makes things like going to a yoga class consistently a bit more challenging! There are thousands of people all over the world that not only live on a boat part of the year, but also full time weather they stay in one spot or travel. Life aboard any kind of boat, sail or power, is much more demanding than living in a house, condo or apartment on land. In a nut shell, people on boats, either full or part time become much stronger and tighter in our upper bodies and weaker and tighter in our lower bodies because of how we have to move around a boat. In addition to this, many boaters/cruisers don’t have a lot of space for exercise, including yoga, on their boat. So, we’ve started Yoga for Cruisers.

In different cruising areas up and down the east coast we’ve filmed yoga sequences specifically designed for boaters, that we (boaters) can do on and off a boat. To begin, we’ll be releasing our first series which includes three different yoga practices/sequences. The practices in this first series are appropriate for all levels, most ages and even beginners. What we really like about the series is that they are very accessible, even if someone hasn’t done yoga before. Included at the end of each one of these videos is a dinghy tour, guided by Tobin, in three different popular areas to cruise on the east coast. In his dinghy tour he not only shows good places to anchor or dock, but also where to get the best fuel prices, good restaurants nearby and interesting facts about the area.

Often times, wherever I teach in the country, I have people say similar comments about yoga. For starters, many people, before meeting us, have said that they thought yoga people were “weird”(!), and also, more often than not, people think yoga isn’t for them because they aren’t flexible, they have back issues, etc. These are the reasons to do yoga! Cruisers and boaters are the perfect candidates for gaining the benefits of yoga. Yoga is balancing, healing, strengthening and opening for the body.

So, to move forward in the near future, we’ll be spreading the word and selling our first series of Yoga for Cruisers DVDs by word of mouth. If you know friends or family that live on a boat, go out for a day or a weekend of boating here or there, send them to our site or consider the Yoga for Cruisers series 1 for them as a gift. We appreciate your support and your help in spreading the word. If you’d like to be on our Yoga for Cruisers e-mail list please let me know by sending an e-mail to We’ll send you an e-mail when the first series is available and in the future when we have more media.

And, as many of you know we’ll be in Annapolis, MD for a while longer – maybe a year or more is the current plan. I’m seeing privates here in the area if you would like to connect any friends or family with yoga. (cruisers or non – cruisers!)

In the coming months I’ll be teaching at Easton Yoga, Easton, PA (, Journeyoga, Arlington, VA ( and at East Meets West Center, Vienna, VA ( Please check the studio’s on line schedule for details. For my complete travel/teaching schedule, please visit

Currently, the media we have for sale is my Yoga for Beginners DVD, A new (recorded in January) yoga audio class, and soon in addition to the Yoga for Cruisers series 1 I’ll be filming the first DVD in a series called This is My Practice. Often students ask me how I practice yoga, what I do when I practice on my own. This new DVD will be my practice – what I do and how I do it. I’ll let you know when its available.

The pictures below are a few from our time in Annapolis – Proof that it was really as hot as 120 outside a few weeks ago (only 94 inside the boat!), Tobin playing around in a Force 5, our view from the boat and a funny picture that I saw in town.


PS. If you’re interested in having more of the boat theme in your life, check out these bags from Yogaearth –


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