The Assumptions we make….

Making assumptions is a hard habit to break but a great one to try to do away with. In the last few months I’ve had a few people make assumptions about our life on the boat. When I/we tell people that we live on a boat some people smile and say something like, “how great”. Some people say with a look of disgust something like “oh, how is that”? The most interesting assumptions that people make about our boat life is our economic state. In Key West Tobin and I sat at a local historical landmark, a pub, and the guys next to us started talking to us. One asked where we lived and we told him on a sailboat. He said really loudly, “you must be rich!” Neither of us knew exactly how to respond or what to say……we just stammered, “uh, no”. A week later I was teaching for the weekend and after one of the sessions a group of us went out for dinner. At the end of the night we were splitting up the bill and one woman pushed my credit card back to me and said, “no, no, I’ll get your’s. After all, you live on a boat!” She said it as if we were destitude. I didn’t mind though. I’ll gratefully accept someone payng for my dinner!
I’ve notiiced lately that I’ve been making too many assumptions about others and myself. I’m trying to catch myself in the act and break the habit. Assumptions happen so fast and make life really limiting and rigid. It’ll be a habit I work on breaking probably for the rest of my life!


One thought on “The Assumptions we make….

  1. Karen Hansen

    Hi Jamie! I haven’t read your blogs in some time, so I was dumbfounded by your account of the huge storm you endured. What a life-changing ordeal! Kudos to you two for deciding to learn from it, put it behind you, and keep moving forward with your plans.

    My three brief visits to Annapolis were on trips with students, and so I look at it as a gem for historical and cultural Americana. What a beautiful area too; I hope to go back once I retire in two years. There are so many places on my list to revisit on the East Coast once I am free of school schedules; Annapolis is definitely one of them.

    Your musings on making assumptions struck a chord with me. As a teacher, I automatically make assumptions of new students after looking at their cumulative records, academic history, personal interviews, etc. It’s just what we have to do in order to prescribe what learning modes might work best with each student. However, experience has always shown me that kids change and grow in such amazing ways over the course of the school year, and it’s that pure joy of watching a young adult blossom and become someone he or she strives to be that is the thrill of being an educator. I try to remember this when I’m with adults and not allow my first impression of someone to be anything more than a guess and not an assumption.

    All is well with our family. Nate and Jenny have been redoing their entire kitchen from taking it down to the 100 year old framework up, and they just finished putting the final countertops in. Nate’s cook in the family, so he happily demonstrated all the new appliances etc. for me this weekend. Sam, Eli, and Tom keep me busy with little side trips to museums and parks this summer; love being off to have fun with the grandsons. And Niles has a great new girlfriend that he is very serious about. He’s now had 12 years being clean and sober, and Lara just celebrated 4 years, so they are a great support for one another. I hope this relationship sticks!

    The school year beckons early; we have a new principal who’s instituted a whole new computerized grade and tracking system that I need to learn, plus I’m doing five big preps next year. It will be a year of growth, more so than most school years.

    Love and blessings to you, Jamie.


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