Annapolis is great and time is flying!

We arrived in Annapolis, MD two weeks ago today. After our storm “incident” time has flown and we’re getting our new game plan in gear and the boat back together. Getting back up the coast from northern Florida to MD was fairly uneventful. The last night we were underway in the Chesapeake Bay there were warnings for huge thunderstorms and really high winds, so we played it safe and anchored before getting to Annapolis. I feel like I still freeze at the predictions of a storm or seeing lightening, so we re-routed and nestled in early for the night. We arrived the next day to Annapolis to a familiar anchorage in Back Creek. Its a great feeling in the boat to come in to a familiar spot. (we were here last year coming down the coast)

I can’t say enough good about Annapolis. It surprises me how many people have asked me, “What state is Annapolis in”? Maryland. Its full or history, brick lined streets and buildings from the 1700’s. We’ve decided to be here until we really feel ready to leave. Not sure when that will be. Tobin has ordered a welder and all the material we need to re-build a dodger (cover for the helm that will hold our new solar panels to replace the ones we lost in the storm) Solar panels should be here within a few days and the building (re-building) will begin! This time, a bit different and re-designed.

Tobin has already hooked up with some sailboat racers in the area and was involved in a race this past weekend. Our business Yoga for Cruisers has received some great attention just by having the boat here. The harbormaster has asked if Yoga can help with arthritis (YES!) and a few women have reached out to me to get private yoga instruction. We filmed our third Yoga for Cruisers sequence and we’ll be able to get them edited and available in the next few weeks. Things here in Annapolis have seemed to flow really well since being here.

More pictures to come in the next blog of our trip up the intracoastal waterway and Annapolis so far.

Next month I’ll be teaching in L.A at Exhale – (Venice location) and at Easton Yoga ( Please spread the word and if you know anyone in Annapolis let us know!


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