Los Angeles and a little more of our surroundings

One of our nightly views in Miami

Our next project! (kidding)

Los Angeles – my home away from home

This past week I taught in Los Angeles at my old yoga home, Exhale, Center for Sacred Movement. (www.exhalespa.com) Its a great thing to move from a place (after living in L.A. ten years!) and still be able to return and have it feel like home. I have more than one place that feels like home. Los Angeles is a home to me, Colorado and North Carolina. Right now, Miami is home for the next few weeks, since that is where we are on the boat. Its true what they say, “Home is where the heart is”. Or, more accurately I think, “Home is where the heart is and the heart is a traveler”.

I absolutely love going back to Los Angeles. Knowing that I’m there for a week makes everything more enjoyable, too. The bumper to bumper traffic on the 405 doesn’t bother me as much and the overcrowded stores don’t get to me as much knowing that I’m there just for a few days! I love seeing familiar faces and friends. Its the people in Los Angeles that I go back for. (not the traffic in case there was any confusion!)

To those in L.A………..sometimes I’ve been the teacher in the room and other times I’ve been a fellow practitioner on a mat beside you. I’ve known many of you for nearly ten years now! Some of you have become my best friends, while others I barely know. Yet, we’ve become a staple in each other’s lives as time goes on. Its powerful to look out over a room and realize how much I’ve witnessed lives change in small and drastic ways. There is an unspoken bond that occurs between people when we come in to a room to open, strengthen and breathe together. On some level we feel so close, yet we may not even know each other’s last names.That is the bond and sense of community that occurs when we practice together. A special thing. To witness people connecting to their breath and to themselves is a privilege. Thank you. I hope you know how important you are in my life.

On a different note, we’ll be headed to The Keys in the next couple of weeks. Not sure yet how long we’ll take to sail through and then up the coast to the Tampa/St. Pete area. I’ll be teaching at Yogani in Tampa, FL the first weekend in June (www.yogani.com). I hope to see some of you there. Also, more filming for Yoga for Cruisers will take place in The Keys. http://www.yogaforcruisers.com. Please let me know if you have a favorite spot or beach in the area and we’ll check it out.

Also while in Los Angeles this past week I recorded a short video trailer for Yoga for Cruisers with YogaEarth. http://www.yogaearth.com – you can check out the video through this linkĀ http://www.yogaearth.com/terraflow/yoga-for-cruisers-with-jamie-elmer-terraflow-video-49/


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