Solar, Canvas and “The Plan”

I’m on the deck of BALANCE in the late afternoon sun. Its 6 pm here in Miami yet the sun is still strong for this Scottish blooded girl! I’ve been inside a lot today, doing Sunday sort of things. Mostly cleaning! I also needed to stay inside until the sun wasn’t so strong. Its only the first of May here and we’re HOT!

After my London non-trip, last weekend I was teaching in Medford and Ashland, OR at Rasa Yoga center. It was a really nice trip as always to that area. I also was able to see my teacher, Max Strom and his wife, Stephanie since he was in town and at home.

The pictures I’ve included in this blog are of a little bird “fishing” off a friend’s dinghy, Apollo lounging in the heat inside the boat and one of him on the lookout outside the window,Tobin sewing like crazy, painting non-skid on the deck, Tobin up the mast, saving/towing two dinghies after a rain storm and two views of the beautiful green hillside of the Medford, OR area.

Speaking of Tobin and sewing……There were a number of things that we needed to do with BALANCE before we could go further in our travels with her. I won’t go in to the list, but one of the main things has been getting the deck and the rig ready. Tobin spent many hours in the past month painting the deck with non-skid so that we could be safe under way. Sanding, priming, painting and painting some more. Another part of being ready to sail the boat beyond Miami has been making the main sail able to be handled. Tobin recently installed whats called “jiffy jacks” on the boat so that our main sail could be caught when we lower it (its too big for one person to handle bringing down) and also sewing together whats called a “stack pack”. It holds the sail more or less on the boom once its lowered and works as a cover for the sail. These are no minor tasks! I’ll never be able to describe how much he teaches himself to do (and does!) that makes it all possible for us to live on a sailboat. He amazes me every day.

We’re planning on doing some practice sails this week. Next week I teach in Los Angeles from Tuesday, May 10th through Sunday, May 15th…..teaching yoga privates, classes and workshops at Exhale. After that we plan on heading out towards The Keys. In the early part of June I’ll be teaching in Tampa, FL. at Yogani ( and then we’ll spend the rest of June making our way from The Keys to the St. Petersburg/Tampa, FL area. I’m really looking forward to being in a new spot. It feels a bit like we’re moved in here to the marina in Miami which in many ways is the antithesis of why we are living on a boat! Patience is key.

In the next few months we have plans of filming our first series of “Yoga for Cruisers” DVD’s. We’ll be filming two series’ to present and have for sale at the St. Petersburg boat show in December. We have done some practice filming on the deck of the boat and also plan to have some of the sequences off the boat for when people have access to the beach and/or a dock. Please spread the word to your boater friends and family! I appreciate my yoga practice in such a different way now since we live on the the boat full time. Its an entirely different way of using your body in every day life. I’ve never appreciated getting my feet up and inverting so much!

Thanks for reading. Breathe deeply!

Please check out and pass along my 2011/2012 schedule at Thank you.


3 thoughts on “Solar, Canvas and “The Plan”

  1. Boris Schaetz

    Hi you two,
    I made my own lazy jacks too, what a beautiful thing not having to handle all that sail!
    Hope you are well. Thanks for the updates!


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