Mexico and Colorado – A Great Winter Balance + New downloadable yoga class and live audio cd available

Please visit for my new downloadable class! Once on the site search Jamie Elmer and it will take you to my latest live class at Exhale, Center for Sacred Movement. Also available is my new intermediate level audio yoga cd. If you would like to purchase one please e-mail me at I’ll send one your way.

Last week I was in Mexico – this week in the mountains of Colorado. If only we could be in two places at once more often!

I taught yoga at a yoga and ayurvedic retreat outside of Puerto Vallarta last week. The retreat was organized by  the wonderful Mariane Corello (, the facility and amazing food was provided by Villa Ananda ( and the students/guests (John, Carol, Noel, Sylvia, Sara, Nisha, Karen and Julie) were outstanding. I could not have asked for a more wonderful week. I was reminded of the power of time. Because this retreat was not only three days but an entire week, we had the opportunity to truly relax, settle in and transform. By the end of the retreat everyone’s face looked more relaxed and everyone’s yoga practice was very different! Thank you to all who made the week what it was. I hope we can all gather again sooner rather than later.

I arrived in Denver after leaving Puerto Vallarta last weekend. The crisp air and snow on the ground was a bit shocking but also very refreshing. The last few days we’ve been in the mountains, skiing at Wolf Creek. I am still fairly new to skiing but I must recommend Wolf Creek in southern CO. A beautiful, secluded mountain area. The first thing we noticed when we arrived at the mountain last year was how nice everyone was. This year, we found the same thing to be true – nice and down to earth people.

Below are pictures of Mexico – Villa Ananda, the beach and the students. Also, there are a few pics of  the CO mountains, Tobin, his mom Regina, and of course B dog.

Don’t forget to check out my site for my up-coming teaching schedule near you, and coming soon,

Villa Ananda, Mexico




En Route to Wolf Creek, CO

Leadville, CO

B Dog en route

B Dog en route


Wolf Creek, CO

Wolf Creek, CO

Tobin and Regina


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