Time flies after getting to Florida!

Balance (our boat) is the one near the center of the picture. The 2nd one back.

Ft. Lauderdale

We went through more of these bridges than you can imagine. One day 22! Calling in to each one for an opening or having to time an already scheduled opening.

Gentle, huge manatees………….

Too many big houses on the Intracoastal to count……..

Greetings! Its been a while since I posted a blog. Oh how the days and weeks have flown! We made it to Miami after Ft. Lauderdale, a faulty starter and engine trouble that kept us a bit longer than expected. Thanks to Tobin and his amazing skill at teaching himself about every system on our boat (!), we got up and running again.

I was teaching in Los Angeles last week at Exhale, Center for Sacred Movement. My old yoga home. It was great. Tobin was here with the dog, cat and the boat designing a bimini and installing solar panels.

So far we have been loving Miami. We’ve been near Coconut Grove and downtown. I went to a great yoga class last week at Dharma Yoga. We’ll be around this area for a while and happy to be.

The pictures I’ve included are from our time in Ft. Lauderdale, on our way to Miami and a few from our arrival here. The manatees in the one picture were so close that we were petting them. Such sweet creatures.

I’ll be teaching a yoga retreat in Mexico next week with Rasa Yoga Center and teaching in Easton, PA at Easton Yoga the third weekend in March. (www.eastonyoga.com) For my current and up-date to travel schedule please visit http://www.firstrayyoga.com.

Also, I recently produced a new intermediate level vinyasa flow cd. If interested in purchasing it please e-mail me at info@firstrayyoga.com.




One thought on “Time flies after getting to Florida!

  1. Ted Johnson

    We’re a few boats away from you in dinner key marina–Tranquility. Hope to meet you tomorrow–our last day here before leaving for Haiti. Feel free to drop by!

    Do you know Jen the sailing instructor in the Keys? I think she mentioned you–I know she had your book on board. We took a class from her this winter.

    My wife is a yoga instructor as well–taught in ft Collins. Think it would be fun to meet


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