Happy Holy Days!

Here are a few pics from the last couple of weeks. We’re in Florida……thought it would be warmer! Supposed to be in the 20’s with wind chill for the next couple of days. I guess we brought the colder weather with us. It is supposed to be back up to the 70’s by Wednesday. We’re anchored near Jupiter, FL. We’ll be in the Miami area within a few weeks.

Happy, happy holidays to all! I hope to see you in 2011. Check my site http://www.firstrayyoga.com under schedule for where I’ll be teaching in 2011. We’re adding a few more locations and dates soon, too. Also, get ready, in the next couple of weeks we’ll be filming the first of our yoga for cruisers downloadable sequences. I’ll let you know when they are available. Really excited!


Be safe, happy and well. Take deep breaths in to the new year!

The below pictures are of a sunset in the Carolinas, the boat at sunset in Daytona Beach, me and B Dog at the helm, our boat being patriotic, a pelican in Georgia hitching a ride, the pets bonding and Tobin at the helm.




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