The “Yoga Lifestyle”

A little over two years ago I moved from L.A. where I had been teaching yoga and pilates for nearly ten years full time. I am now traveling to teach instead of teaching in more of less one location as I did there. I loved my time in L.A. it was fabulous. We’re now living on a boat, I’m still teaching and out experiencing more than I did, in a different way, each day, than I did in L.A. One is not better than the other, though.

I recently had someone ask me, “Don’t you miss your yoga lifestyle”? Hmmmmmm. What exactly IS the Yoga Lifestyle?

One of my favorite definitions of Yoga is “Connecting with the infinite” (Erich Shiffman) If that is close to your definition, it could come in various forms and definitely not limited to teaching at a major studio and practicing asana each day. Some of the most “yogic” people I’ve ever known had no idea was “yoga” was and had certainly ever done a Down Dog. They were people that were kind, balanced, connected with what they loved and connected with nature. It can come in all forms.

Some people find their connection in their kids, their breathing practice, their church, skiing or gardening. For me a lot of what yoga means for today is living a balanced, mindful and inspired life. I look at this morning and think about all that made my day full of the “yoga lifestyle”…….I was in the sun, on the water, mindful of my task, in my body, strengthening my body, aware of my breath, eating healthy food, connecting with other beings (Tobin, a dog and cat!) and thinking positively. No I didn’t do any Surya Namaskars, but there will be other days for that!

If you would like, please respond to this blog with your definition of what yoga is. It doesn’t need to encompass everything, but just what it is for you today. Just for today. And if it happens to be doing 108 Sun Salutes that’s great, too! God knows I have those days and love asana!




8 thoughts on “The “Yoga Lifestyle”

  1. Gina

    Recognizing the Divine Current – whether it’s in my own body through asana, in my relationships, in the food I’m eating, in the sun on my skin (or the freezing cold wind, for that matter). It’s everywhere, just waiting for us to recognize its Presence. Yoga is a practice that enables that recognition – it “trains” us to sense what’s right in front of us. Without the practice, I might have gone years not really seeing, feeling, hearing, tasting or touching It!!

  2. Peter Russell

    For me, yoga is the slow learning of physical grace.

    This grace succors:

    Connection of mind to body.
    Connection of my life purpose to my life.
    Connection of my heart with other hearts.


  3. Steve Craig

    Yoga helps me to feel comfortable in my own skin and to feel connected to the earth. It helps on all levels; physically, mentally, spiritually, and emotionally (maybe some others I can’t think of). Other than that, I don’t entirely know what it’s about, but I know it’s really healthy and more will be revealed as I keep practicing.

  4. Eric Peterson

    Funny you asked for I was just thinking about this very question early today!

    To me Yoga is a state of mind, it is a “frame of reference” to not only view life through but to experience life for what it is, not what the ego thinks it is. Yoga is a clarifier, a revealer of what and who we really are, it melts the lines of illusion that support separatist thinking. Yoga is a pointer, which is in line with the “Truth.”

    Namaste ~

  5. Andree Santini

    Yoga is living one’s most inspired, balanced, highest life. I’m enjoying reading about your adventures!

  6. Catherine Holliss

    Yoga is that electric, cellular connection you feel on all levels at once when the heart/spirit/mind connect to infinite love. Frankly, I feel that more often since being blessed with the incredible honor to have the chance to parent (Wyeth has just turned two) than I did when I had a daily yoga practice. Then again, without that period of intensive practice perhaps I might not have recognized the moments when love elevates the soul and spirit. I just know that I am deeply, deeply grateful for both periods in my life! Happy new year, Jamie to you and to all.


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