800 Squats and Collard Greens

First, I’ll be teaching at Yogani in Tampa, FL this weekend, Friday night, Saturday and Sunday. Its my first time in Tampa. If you have friends or family in that area please spread the word. www.yogani.com for all the details.

Every day on the water is so different. The last couple of days since leaving Deltaville, VA things have been really pleasant besides the colder temperatures. The boat is doing great. We’re motoring a lot since we’re in the Intracoastal waterway and haven’t yet set up our rig for a lot of sailing. The new boat is a process like any other and we’ll be getting it “dialed in” as Tobin says one we get to Florida. The scenery is nice. Some waters have been choppy and a bit rough, like through the Albamarle Sound yesterday. For the most part its been smooth and pleasant.

Days like these on BALANCE are very different than they were on TRUST. Being down below I don’t get an upset stomach and with the increased amount of space and living area we’re able to do more when we’re not at the helm. We usually take turns on and off. Two hours on, two hours off. In my breaks I’ve been cooking a lot. Not a typical activity for me! Today for lunch made rice, collard greens and potatoes with a homemade peanut sauce. It was pretty good!

Since my shift was through a fairly easy part of the Pamlico Sound this morning, I experimented with more things to do at the helm. I did 800 squats in different leg positions: feet together, feet apart and parallel, feet apart and turned out, etc. I chanted OM for a good 20 minutes straight and tried various other movements within the new helm area where I could twist, back bend, etc.

By mid day its been warm enough to shed a few layers, but I’m still wearing three. The temperature this morning was 37 degrees when we set out. Doing squats and chair poses helps to not freeze!

This afternoon we’re going to stop early at River Dunes near Oriental, NC. My nice friends Susan and Bill Malloy have offered for us to use one of their slips there for the night. It will be a nice treat. We’ll head in to Oriental, get some fresh groceries (even though we have canned and dry goods to last us until February. Literally.) Take the dog for a good long walk and give the boat and ourselves a wash.

The time so far through the ICW has been interesting………….it feels luxurious to have time on the move to write, cook and OM on the deck!

Next blog I post I’d like anyone’s feedback on. Its about my definition of Yoga. Think about it. What is your’s?



One thought on “800 Squats and Collard Greens

  1. PFR

    Jamie! We have been following your blog since leaving Cape Cod on a very similar trip. I found you by searching “Yoga Onboard”. We have caught you up and it would be awesome to say hello one day on the water. We will be into Charleston this evening. I’m keeping my eyes peeled for Balance. Hejira out.


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