Thanks for Everything!

I’ll be posting a few more pictures of this area (Deltaville, VA) and the boats later today. For now, here is the most recent………

We started out small and affordable for this living aboard adventure. We’ve seen a lot, discovered a lot and learned a ton. A few things we know for sure is that we like living on a boat, we like traveling this much and that its a lifestyle we can see ourselves in for a long time. One other thing we learned very quickly after re-fitting our 32 foot Laurin Koster sailboat was that it isn’t big enough for us. If we were doing this for a 6 month trip or had the boat for week long cruises that would be one thing. Living aboard full time is a different scenario. We talked about what to do to make the boat easier or more comfortable, but it came down to size. Our little TRUST  was/is too small. Little did I know Tobin had already been looking at boats on line. He started showing me what he was seeing and where: boats in Mexico, Spain, Columbia………And then he showed me this one boat. It happened to be in Deltaville, VA, where we were going to be passing through on our way south. Long story short, we’re now proud owners of two boats! Our new boat we named BALANCE. TRUST was our leap of faith. With BALANCE we’re in it for the long hull. (no pun intended. I’m not that much of a boat person!) We’ve spent the last few weeks here at Schroeder’s Yacht Systems getting BALANCE ready to go and TRUST ready to sell. TRUST will stay here through the winter, wrapped up in a tarp up on stands. Its going to be hard to say goodbye.

This afternoon I practiced out on the deck of BALANCE. The practice became mostly breathing, smelling the tress and sea around me and sensing the sun on my face. Its been getting chilly here but the temperature was back up in to the 70’s.

We’ve seen so many wonderful places since May when we left CO, but few that I need to go back to. Deltaville and Shroeders has been great. I can’t begin to think of the amount of times we’ve visited the True Value and West Marine here! The people at the yard could not be nicer. I’ll truly miss being here.

We’re schedule to head out on Tuesday. The intercoastal waterway is next. Who knows the changes that will occur between now and Florida!?

Happy Thanksgiving to ALL. If you’re curious about my teaching schedule please check my site at The next place I’ll be teaching will be Yogani in Tampa, FL. Please spread the word. Its  a new spot for me. I’ll be there the first weekend in December. Check out for all of the specifics and more info.


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