Do what you can with what you have

Its 8 pm and I write this from my yoga mat, sitting on the floor in a tiny laundry room at a boat yard in Deltaville, VA. There was the perfect amount of space in here and the perfect amount of time while I wait for the laundry to practice.
Do what you can with what you have.
Tonight I had a a warm, quiet cozy practice room all to myself. Oming sounded great in here, too!

“The only one constant in life is change.”
“Change will occur weather you fight it or not. Go with change and life won’t feel like quite a struggle”.

There are many quotes and sayings regarding change. Its an interesting topic and something that many of us have a hard time embracing. In order to move more easily through and with change we must have a firm sense of center and groundedness within ourselves.
While living on a boat I often think about the kind of personality that does or doesn’t live well on the water. It takes an incredible amount of planning and forthought. It also takes a lot of sponteniety and ability to change with each day or each new minute.
Tobin has this amazing ability to be aware and present with the surroundings while at the same time being prepared for what could happen. I’m not so great at this out here on the water. (Yet) Living on the water is definitely not an exact fit for my personality, but I think that’s why I ‘m liking it so much. It balances me out. I don’t like change and I like routine to make me feel stable.
As I ‘ve said before, I have an ever growing respect for boaters of all kinds. Especially Tobin. Without him?……..I may not be living such a balanced life.


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