The night we sailed on…..

South of New Jersey we got to Annapolis, MD. We stayed a few days, walked all over and enjoyed a really quiete anchorage. Last Sunday we got up early, headed out and saw the sun rise. We had a calm day down the Chesapeake and at 4 pm anchored in a little bay all alone. After eating dinner and resting we decided to keep going. We’ve talked about traveling through the night and that day all of the conditions were right. After the sun went down I was a little nervous. Once my eyes adjusted and I realized I could see quite well by the light of the moon I liked being out at night. We arrived in Deltaville, VA at about 2 am. Anchored and went to sleep.
This town has 500 year round residents and around 3000 boats. Its small, but it has a lot of resources for cruisers.
More to come about Virginia and our recent big change…………………………


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