Saturday, October 9th

The alarm went off at 3:15 am this morning. Once I got out of bed it was like any other morning, except pitch black! We traveled in the dark through a narrow canal to the Delaware Bay. It was a test to see just how our eyes work in the dark. Mine don’t work so well. After we went under two bridges with very narrow openings we relaxed a bit and could enjoy how cool it was to be out moving in the dark.
We left early so that we could be going with the current up Delaware Bay. We were surprised that by the time we left the anchorage nobody else seemed to be awake. They’re either staying in Cape May longer or going to have a slower, rough trip.

Last night’s anchorage was right across from our fuel stop, a restaurant with 1/2 priced apps, and showers. I took the longest shower I’ve had in weeks. It was great. Until living and cruising on a boat I didn’t realize just how much water I use or how much trash I create. Its amazing living in this small space how resources and waste are brought to my attention more. We have a very small water tank on the boat and need to carry water jugs on the deck. I’ve become a master at doing dishes with very little water and taking sponge baths to conserve. A long, hot shower is something that I love very much but when we were in Newport, RI and I had the option for a longer shower, I still made it as speedy as possible. Why waste the water? Tobin and I comment on how the trash adds up and how to make less. We joke about the only way to make less trash is by not eating. Packaging is so much of what we’re throwing away.

I think back to my first yoga teacher training and remember writing papers on the Yamas and Niyamas. Moral guidelines of yoga. I specifically remember writing about Ahimsa – translated as “non-harming”. Living as we are now, I’m so much more aware in different ways, of how Ahimsa can be practiced. I’m living closer to nature than ever before and affected by nature more than ever. We’ve day dreamed and brainstormed about having a larger boat and how to create our energy on the boat. There are definitely ways to create more ourselves with a bit more space. Who knows, maybe in a year from now I’ll be writing about cruising from a steel boat, (oil industry is not involved as much as with a fiberglass boat), using recycled vegetable oil to run the diesel engine and riding stationary bikes each day in the boat to help fill our house batteries. The practice of Ahimsa can be all around!


One thought on “Saturday, October 9th

  1. Adelaide

    Really great post, Jamie. 3:15! Too early for me, darling! I’m a little confused about your route, though. Did you sail down to the Chesapeake Bay and back out through the Delaware? I got the impression that you sailed into Delaware Bay, through the canal (past Chesapeake City) and on to Annapolis. How come you’re sailing back through the Delaware Bay? Does it have something to do with tides or currents? Inquiring minds want to know…



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