From Atlantic Highlands, NJ to Barneget Bay, Atlantic City and Cape May

This past Wed., Oct. 6th we left Atlantic Highlands, NJ and got to Barneget Bay. We were a little concerned about the depth of the bay and our ability to anchor there. It turned out to be surprisingly easy. A nice harbor with very calm water for the night. Thur. Oct. 6th we were headed towards Little Egg Inlet but decided at the last minute to continue on to Atlantic City. As we approached the opening of the inlet there were breakers all along the channel. The charts and GPS said we had plenty of water but once our depth meter read 1.9 feet under the keel we turned towards the open ocean. One thing I’m learning more and more on this adventure is to follow my gut. We ended up anchoring in Atlantic City, NJ. So glad we did. It was fun and not as remote as where we’ve been lately. We anchored easily just inside the channel next to a couple of great beaches, a harbor area with restaurants and right next to Harrah’s Resort Casino! What a trip. Since it was such an interesting place to anchor we took the dinghy to this little tiny beach, locked it up and climbed over the fence to go to Harrah’s. Since we were right there we thought we should try our luck. Ten minutes and $5.00 later, we left. I’ve always found casinos a bit depressing.
The next morning I took the B Dog to the beach at the crack of dawn. She chased birds and I practiced sun salutes and breathing for a while. Its a real treat to be on the beach and get to salute the sun while its rising. A great this about the NJ coast is its beaches. Lots of them with white, soft sand.
As we left Atlantic City we were part of about ten boats headed out. The last couple of days we seemed to be the only ones out due to weather. The day we left Atlantic City it was sunny and only 2 – 3 foot seas. Its nice to feel like we’re part of a group once in a while.

A couple of hours in to the day a small bird flew in to the boat. He circled around and flew back out. For a moment, when the bird was inside, B Dog thought she was in heaven. The little bird came back, circled the boat some more and then sat on a line protected from the wind behind the mast. I was amazed he let me get so close. He rested there for about 20 minutes and then flew away.
Next stop was Cape May, NJ. The last over night before heading in to the Delaware Bay towards the C and D canal and Annapolis, MD. This was one of the nicest days we’ve had in quite a while. The sun was shining, the seas were fairly calm and there was just the right amount of wind. Warmer weather here we come!!!!!


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