Still in Atlantic Highlands, NJ

I didn’t grow up on boats or on the water. I really. Have little experience on the ocean. When we began preparing to live and cruise on a sail boat I knew that a lot would depend on the weather. I didn’t realize quite how much. Last weekend we left Newport, RI. We sailed to Noank, CT. The next day got to Oyster Bay, NY. After our travels through the Long Island sound we took a day off and relaxed in Oyster Bay. We needed it. The day through Long Island sound reminded me that the weather and the seas are everything in this process. It was gray, windy and raining with higher seas than predicted. I can honestly say it was one of the scarier days I’ve had. Ever. We had a following sea around 6 ft. While at the helm (driving the boat by tiller) I’d look back and see the waves behind me much higher than my head. The force of the water felt intense. I can’t quite describe it. We were completely soaked and the fog was rolling in. There wasn’t anything to do except keep going to our destination. No place to stop until then. What I learned from this day was: I don’t mind it a little chilly, windy or rainy. Its the height of the waves and seas that get me! Thanks to our little 45 year old, 32 foot boat, we were just fine. She’s proving to be a tank.
Today, we’re still in Atlantic Highlands, NJ waiting for the seas to calm down. Rain and wind is predicted for the next week but we need to be on the move.
In the mean time, there’s always laundry, provisioning and boat projects to do. I’m able to do long yoga practices inside the boat as we bob up and down. I’ve been catching up on world news and investigating our route for the next couple of weeks. Tobin’s been reading a ton and cooking us great meals. Its such a practice in not being in control. The elements are.
In the anchorage here there are a number of smaller Canadian boats waiting for the weather window. We see the people in town at the laundry mat, the grocery store and the hardware store. We’re all in the same boat…..waiting for the weather and the seas to shift.


One thought on “Still in Atlantic Highlands, NJ

  1. Diana

    Wow. You are keeping us holding our breath here Jamie! I can’t imagine you scared and I don’t even want to. Thinking of you and thinking you safe in smooth waters.


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