anchored next to the statue of liberty

Its 1:30 in the morning. We’re anchored off of manhattan very close to the statue of liberty. Its howling outside and supposed to get worse. Earlier today we had to secure everything on the boat. Each time the wind picked up or a wave came things were flying! We had a beautiful trip in yesterday from oyster bay ny. The sun was shining and there was a little breeze. Made dinner last night and ate out in the cockpit under the stars. Our new friend, rob, on cosmos mariner came over to join us. Our two boats have been traveling together since last Sunday when we left newport, ri. It was hard to imagine that the seas would be this hectic and the wind this strong since last night was so calm. That’s one of the amazing things about being out hereon the boat….the weather and circumstances can change faster than you can imagine. The wind is predicted to pick up to gusts of 60 mph tonight. That’s why I’m staying up. To keep watch. Hold on!!!!!
Out the window I see the statue of liberty and the lights of manhattan. Its a great time to be up and observe.


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