Back from South Carolina, arriving in Newport, RI

In the library I picked up a book – on the cover was a definition for sailing. It read: “The fine art of getting wet and becoming ill while slowly going nowhere at great expense”. Love it, and couldn’t agree more!

Last weekend I was teaching in South Carolina at Greenville Yoga (formerly North Main Yoga). Its always great to be there. I returned to meet Tobin, the boat, the dog and the cat in Newport, RI. What a nice town this is! We’ve been here about a week and plan to be on the move again within a few days. Its been great to be here, walking the old neighborhoods of houses from the early 1700’s along with the convenience of stores and places to get supplies. Its easy for the days to slip by in an area like this – we have to remind ourselves that we’re on the move and need to be getting further south. There is always that fine balance of seizing the day, enjoying the moment and staying on task!

We have met quite a few nice and helpful people here. The Ship’s Store has been a great resource for us, along with the Seaman’s Church Institute of Newport, RI. The man at the Ship’s store let us use his address to have a sail shipped to us along with giving us good recommendations on a few supplies we needed. The Saeman’s Institute has a great laundry and shower facility along with a great library and little cafe. You just have to ask around and these little gems are around the corner.


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