After Hurricane Earl and moving down the coast

After about a month and a half in Nantucket, we’re moving on. I’m on my way to South Carolina today to teach at North Main Yoga for the weekend ( and Tobin, along with the dog, cat and our friend Tyrone will be moving the boat to Newport over the weekend. I’ll meet up with them on Monday. Nantucket has been great to us, but its time to get rolling again! We’re excited to get to Newport and be on the move.

Hurricane Earl came and went. In hind sight we realize we could have stayed out with two anchors and been fine. Instead, we were at a slip with a maze of ropes and sloshed around for the night. We didn’t rock and rock nearly as much as our neighbors, but it was a ride. I was more concerned with how much pull the lines had on the boat than the movement of the boat. We weathered the storm easily. The next day was the hardest part as we backed out of our slip (our boat doesn’t back up so well – and she likes to only turn one way while doing so). We were against a 25 – 30 knot breeze and being pushed in to the sterns of the other boats. Tobin did a great job at the helm while I stayed on deck and pushed us off of pilings. All went well and we anchored out again.

As we get under way again we’ll have one new addition. The cat. The litter box situation is still to be determined………! Boats aren’t made with litter box compartments.


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