And After!

(The above pictures are a bit dated now. They are from the last couple of months at the beginning of or journey on re-fitting the boat. We recently lost our camera(!) with the cartridges of all of our pics in the case. So more pics will come soon for this blog. Just not sure when! If anyone has a digital camera they’re itching to have taken off their hands let me know. We have a great desk top mac we need a new home for!)

Sea Sick in Nantucket Harbor!

We just had a few days of stormy weather. We weren’t out at sea. We were safely tucked away in Nantucket Harbor. BUT, it was still scary and a bit crazy for my taste. The day before the storm hit I thought, “I’m so glad I don’t get sea sick”. I didn’t say it out loud because I knew I would regret it. The worst of it was Monday. 40 mph winds. I tried to keep going and work on the inside of the boat but it just wasn’t in the cards. Tobin finally convinced me (after he described my color as green) to lie down and sleep off the sea sickness. I did just that. Whenever I got up I’d get sick. I’ve felt a little queezy out at sea before, but once I take the helm it always helps. So, there we were for two days. Huge crashing waves outside, our dinghy literally air born and crashing around. Tobin and Bat Dog didn’t seem to feel a thing in their bellies! Good thing someone on board had their wits about them. I really can’t imagine 60 or 80 mph hour winds. It must be unreal. Watching the other boats in the harbor made me feel better about our little 32 foot sailboat TRUST. Compared to other boats she’s stable. A little tank she is!

Yesterday we were able to leave the boat. I practiced on solid ground and danced off the storm. Today I’m on my way to L.A. to teach at Exhale for 4 days. To get from Nantucket to L.A. I will have taken a ferry, two buses and two planes. If all goes according to plan I’ll arrive in Los Angeles by 8 pm. Not bad for traveling across the country.


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