Sunsets, winch cleaning and enjoying the moment

Time seems to be going faster and faster. That started for me a couple of years ago while building our house in CO. I had never been involved in a project like that and learned so much. One thing I learned was that when it comes to construction, everything takes longer than expected.  Same thing right now while working and living on the boat. The days are flying by and it seems to take ten times longer to complete something than I think it will. Yesterday one thing on my list was to clean the winches on the mast. Three hours later(!) we were putting them back together. I need to re-calculate my expectations and focus on the process, not on the master to do list that gets longer and longer! Meanwhile, the day, once again went by in a flash. Instead of doing more on the list at 6 pm. I took Bat dog to the beach for a run, got back to the boat and practiced on the deck while Tobin practiced his hand at fishing. Just like at the house this time last year, I had to fight the temptation to go inside to get one more thing checked off the list for the day. I had to tell myself to stay on the deck, enjoy the sunset, enjoy breathing, moving and opening up. After all, being in the moment is the event. As Erich Schiffmann says, “This is it. This is the big event. The moment you’ve been waiting for.” So simple, right? Ha!


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