Nantucket’s Opera House Cup Race and Yoga on the Deck

My husband, my self and our dog are living aboard our 32 foot Laurin Koster sail boat. We found the boat in Islesboro, ME last year, went there this past May and re-fitted it ourselves for nearly two months. We started down the coast in July with our final destination yet to be determined. My husband Tobin is the Captain, I’m the first mate and our dog Bat (Bathilda is the original name she was given at the Humane Society in Boulder, CO) is our security officer.

I’m a full time yoga teacher. I travel to different studios and locations around the country to teach. I’m teaching yoga to people on boats as well as to people on land. The practice of yoga on a sail boat has been a great new challenge. Sailing is yoga. In addition, practicing the physical poses on the boat gives a great extra challenge to the body and one’s creativity!

We’ve been in Nantucket harbor for a couple of weeks now. This past weekend had a great time watching the boats leave the harbor for the Opera House cup. What history we’ve seen here! Beautiful wooden boats in the harbor all week and an interesting array of spectators. Nantucket Moorings was sold out and the anchorage area was packed. We’ve been anchored out of the main anchorage and in a nice spot with much less traffic. Nantucket has been busy all around, but for all of the hussle and bussle here in the summer its great that the locals have kept a great attitude. The folks around the harbor have been the some of the nicest people we’ve met so far down the coast.

Last night there was a great sunset. I went up on  deck about 30 minutes before the sun went down. Had such a nice yoga practice in the harbor. The sea gently challenged my balance the entire time!

Next week I’m flying to L.A. to teach for a few days. The transition from sea to air is always an interesting one! Its good to remind ourselves that we’re more flexible and adaptable than we may realize. I’m reminding myself of that every day on this exciting journey.

Pics to come soon! Thanks for reading!


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